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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-31

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To understand what is the role of a man or woman in a home. Can some roles be shared ?, how can we ensure that each person assumes their roles and no one is complaining but are comfortable?
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to teach on Gender roles. The questions they will be looking at are Can some roles be shared ?, how can we ensure that each person assumes their roles and no one is complaining but are comfortable?. Overview Lorna and Manuela went to this village to teach and have a discussion on a Gender roles and responsibilities. The meeting was opened with a word of prayer and later Micheal the mobilizer welcomed everyone to the group and thereafter asked Manuela and Lorna to deliver what they had for them. Lorna started with a preview of the previous lesson on managing emotions also looking at how to manage sexual emotions which was an interesting lesson. Some people said it is very hard to control these feelings which made the women to respond back in chaos about the men. Another man said it is very possible if you set your mind on who one is as a married man and has responsibilities to do. Another woman said it is impossible for men to control their sexual emotions and complained that it is the reason some of them even come back home late from sleeping around but the men said they be coming from work , which the women did not agree with. Other ways to control these emotions that Lorna mentioned were; Prayer, avoid drinking places like bars which attract these feelings, avoid certain friends they behave the same way, keep occupied , talk to your spouse about those feelings among others. Lorna concluded this topic by saying that these feelings are very human and that it is normal to have them but what you do with it matters as you choose to control them than have them control you. Manuela then looked at a Gender roles while asking some questions like who is responsible for cooking the men said women. Some women said what if they were not at home would they let the children starve? Some men said well the eldest child can cook while others said they can in exceptional cases but the women are the ones supposed to cook. Manuela asked how about sweeping the compound? the men said the women also, How about talking to the children and instilling discipline in them?. They responded it depends if a girl the mother and if the boy the father. One person however disagreed and said that both men and women or father and mother are required for the proper upbringing of a child for that child to turn out a responsible person. Others said that there some things a father will be shy to tell his girl child but a mother can do it better. The question was what if they had only girls or only boys? Who would talk to these children? . The women said ask them for us. Manuela asked who is responsible for child bearing the men said women then she asked how many men escort their wives to antenatal visits ?, again the women said ask them. She continued who provides the food at home because the women were saying the men don’t leave money for food and expect to come back and eat. There was so much more to discuss however there was no time to Finnish and therefore Manuela told them that they will continue with this topic on the next visit. Conclusion The community members turned up late and since time was far spent they were not able to finish but also Gender roles and responsibilities cannot be concluded in a day. Manuela and Lorna will return to this village to continue with this lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-09 - Purpose: Continue with gender roles and responsibilities.