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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-08-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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The Immune System,How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
To know how HIV affects our immune system. To understand the ways through which HIV is transmitted
Introduction Lorna went to this School to finish up with the lesson on the immune system. It is important for the pupils to know how our bodies fight off diseases and more so how HIV affects the immune system. Overview Lorna reached the School and went straight to the Life Skills Class where she was welcomed by the Life Skills teacher and greeted by the pupils. Lorna then went straight to reviewing the previous lesson which was on Facts and Myths on HIV/AIDS. Lorna asked the students what the facts were and what the myths were and they were able to answer. They also reminded themselves on the abbreviations of HIV and AIDS and here Lorna, had the deaf pupils come to the board and write these in full. It was not easy to get them to write but Lorna guided them and they wrote the abbreviations. They also looked at the function of the white and red blood cells where, Lorna asked them to breathe in and out and told them what they just did was the function of the red blood cells while the white blood cells was To help fight diseases. After the review, they went on to the lesson of the day which was a continuation of the immune system. They looked at the function of the white blood cells where they looked at the four different white blood cells and their function. I)The Macrophage/Big eater which is responsible for fighting/ killing antigens or germs. The big eater also sends messages to the captain of the body informing it of the invading antigens. 2) The CD4 cell or Captain of the body. This one responds to the big eater by sending the T8killer cell and the B Cell to fight off the antigens. It commands the other cells into action.3) The B cell; this was a tricky one to understand as Lorna took a lot of time explaining it since the pupils said they did not understand it. The B cell is a Factory like cell. It is responsible for making copies of the antigens which also helps in future when the body is attacked by a similar antigen. Lorna explained this like someone who looses their keys can always go and cut another one which will fit in the door like the original that got lost. Lorna said the B cell also plays a similar role to this. She also compared it to a chameleons and how it camouflages according to its environment so as for it not to be seen and attract attention from those that can attack it. 4) The T8 cell is responsible for killing the antigens/germ/bacteria or virus. To make the pupils understand this fully Lorna had some writings written on paper of the different white blood cells and their roles and called on volunteers to help act this out. Lorna walked them through it and left them to act it out. It was all about how the antigen comes to Attack the body and how the different cells responds. Lorna said however the story is different if HIV attacks the immune system. Lorna mentioned that we fall sick everyday but our immune system helps fight off these diseases. The story is different with HIV as it attacks the captain cell multiplies itself leaving the body with no way to defend itself in that, when other diseases attack, the body is left with no defense mechanism. Conclusion They looked at HIV transmission but did not make notes but however just said out the answers randomly. They will be writing notes in the next lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-07 - Purpose: Continue with topic HIV/AIDS Awareness Skills looking at Transmission and Prevention.

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8168 Dramatizing the immune system
8171 These are the deaf pupils Writing AIDS abbreviation in full.