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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-08-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
- To understand what good decision making is and entails - How making good decisions can affect them positively and making bad decisions negatively.
Overview Lorna went to this village to introduce a new topic Decision making. Making good decisions is a very important aspect of our lives and so the community members needed to know whatever decision they make they need to think through it before because there will always be consequences but this is not the case if one has thought about it before as they can avoid many things. Overview Lorna went here to introduce a new topic Decision making and she taught on steps to good Decision making, importance of making good decisions and characteristics of a good decision maker. Lorna started by reviewing some of the main lessons under HIV/AIDS Awareness Skills and then she told them they were done with this topic and asked those that attended this lesson should go ahead and teach those that did not get a chance to attend these lessons. Lorna said this because other community members were asking that how about them that missed this topic. After this Lorna introduced Decision Making Skills where she started by asking everyone if they make any decisions at all. They raised up their hands and said they all have. Lorna told them even coming to the meeting was a decision for all of them and they laughed about it. She mentioned all of them came for different reasons but whatever the reasons, they decided to come anyway and therefore those were the steps they were going to look at and more. Lorna also asked is it important to make good decisions and if so why is it important?. Lorna told them to put in mind that there those decisions one does not have to think about but there is those decisions that need to be through through before actually deciding and it was the latter that they were going to look at. Lorna also asked if there those decisions that they have made before and have regretted and wished they did it another way and they said yes. Some of the importance’s of decision making looked at were; the decisions one makes , they should know that they are making it not only for themselves but others. Also that there is always someone watching them and wants to be like them. Another reason is so they don’t have to regret later in life if they made good decisions now and that for every decision made there will be good or bad consequences among others. They also looked at characters of a good decision maker like; a good decision maker should be open minded, should be a good listener , should be flexible and willing to change, set priorities among others. They finished by looking at the steps involved in decision making and these decisions Lorna mentioned can be about starting a business, Educating their girl child, Marrying off their children when young, embracing change, embracing government / non government programs, parental responsibilities among others. Among the steps looked at were; Praying about the situation, stop and think about the decision for example Lorna gave them examples like ; one cannot just start a business because everyone is starting it , one cannot take their child to this school because everyone is taking their children there but they have to ask around questions like how does the school perform, how much is the tuition, how are the teacher student relationships among others, another step was seek advice, listen to advice, consider family, cultural values, think about the consequences, have a list of set priorities and go with the most important one. For example decisions like drinking all the money you have and yet your child is not going to School or there is no food at home. They looked at those and a lot more. Conclusion The counselor had 2 Questions which he asked Lorna about like, if it was possible for HIV positive couples to have a negative baby and Lorna told him yes as HIV is not in the sperm but semen and also that they have to be taking their medication. The LC1 chairman thanked the community members for coming and thanked Kibo for all they have poured in the community. The LC3 Chairman also thanked the community members for taking their time to attend the meeting and asked them to take these lessons seriously and he also called on the community members to attend a meeting scheduled every Wednesday on good Agricultural practices. He urged them to come and learn and then make the decision whether it is helpful or not like they had been taught on Decision making. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-14 - Purpose: Continue with Decision Making Topic.

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8177 Eseza talking about the importance of decision making. She is the woman counselor of Nawampiti.
8180 LC3 Mr. Bagise Chairman contributing to the meeting