Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukhudumira - Bukhudumira Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-08-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the pupils about Disease Progression and all the stages for example window, incubation and honeymoon period.
Manuela went to bukudomira Primary School to teach the pupils about diseases Progression, this lesson enables pupils to understand that HIV lives in human body by stages. For example, window periods, incubation period and honeymoon period. This lesson also helps the pupils to learn that they should test more than tree times. Objective - By the end of the lesson, pupils will be knowing what diseases Progression is and all the stages. - By the end of this lesson, pupils will come to know that it is very important to test for HIV at lest three times. Overview When Manuela reached the school, she found pupils in their class reading their life skills notes , Manuela greeted them and requested them to seat down, after she distributed their past papers. After that Manuela appreciated the pupils for performing well in post test, then Manuela introduced the lesson to pupils, disease Progression, Manuela started by asking the pupils about the lessons if they have ever had it some where, pupils told no! Manuela explained to the pupils that, disease Progression means the time when a person gets Infected with the virus and the time they start developing the signs and the symptoms associated with AIDS. Manuela went on and explained to the pupils about window periods, incubation period and honeymoon period. Window periods, this is the time between infection and when a person develops enough antibodies to sho up positive on the HIV test, usually this period takes two weeks, and three to six month, during this periods a person has a higher viral load and is very infectious because no antibodies are controlling the virus. But a persons still test negative because the test detects antibodies, not the virus. Incubation period, the time between infection and development of disease symptoms associated with AIDS. This could take many years some people take 15years ago have still not progressed to AIDS. Honeymoon period, this is the time between the end of the window periods and the end of incubation period, during this time a person is living in relative harmony with their virus. During this time, their antibodies load is high and their viral load is law. But they still test positive. Finally, Manuela encouraged the pupils to always go for an HIV test before marriage and they should do it at least three times after every three month. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-12 - Purpose: To give pupils post test.

Report Photos

8261 Manuela is explaining to the pupils about disease progression and all the stages.
8264 This girl is called Jckiline, she was explaining how HIV progress from one stage to another, and she was doing that after Manuela had finished teaching, when Manuela evaluating pupils if they understood the lesson.
8267 Manuela was giving out the post test papers after making .
8270 The school life skills teacher, also teaches the pupils, they co teach with Manuela.