Community Empowerment - Kiteigalwa - Bugiri

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-08-21

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Ida Bazonoona
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2019-08-23 06:17:50 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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2019-08-27 10:25:44 UTC
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10:21-18:04 (7 h 43 m)
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13:16-15:06 (1 h 50 m)
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5 h 53 m

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Ida Bazonona 
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Meeting the community 
Ida went to Kiteigalwa to meet with some community members and the chairperson to discuss about date, time and venue for the meeting. Ida with the seven community members walked in thirteen homes checking on latrins, stoves and dish racks. Most homes didn’t have dish racks due to the termites but latrins are in place and good due to the ‘Goal” efforts. After the meeting they agreed on a Monday because Wednesday is their market day. 
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2019-09-07 - Purpose: Preview and assess where to begin from because most lessons were covered
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