Mvule Community Development - Nabituluntu - Namutumba

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2019-08-26

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Tree delivery

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Mvule Community Development 
Prior to tree delivery, Abraham and Chris staff had prepared the members of nabituluntu why they have to plant trees. We promised them tree seedlings on our next visit. On Monday 26th August 2019 Abraham and Chris took the 400 Mvule tree seedlings and 200 Musizi tree seedlings to members of nabituluntu as they had promised them earlier. Abraham appreciated the chairperson for doing a great job mobilizing the community members because many homes where represented during the distribution of trees. Abraham and Chris with the guidance of the chairperson first toured around the village to see if all the members dug the holes with the manure in them and indeed almost 80 percent of them had dug the holes and put the manure in them. The chairperson acknowledged the changes in weather patterns and the need to plant trees which Kibo delivered. The chairperson encouraged the community members to care for the trees because their children and grandchildren will benefit from them. The children who where among the members were encouraged to learn from their parents to plant trees and replacing those that have been cut. While demonstrating to them how to plant the tree seedlings, Abraham emphasized the need to plant trees, he talked about how a single tree can suck tones and tones of carbon gasses from the atmosphere and also asked them to imagine if they had planted as many trees as possible. The community members thanked Mvule community development program staff for bringing such an initiative in their village. Abraham and Chris thanked all the members who were around for sacrificing their time to come for the trees and encouraged them to care fore them and their children as well. We agreed to meet them next week and the purpose of the meeting will be about discussing how to write their own constitution. 
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2019-09-02 - Purpose: We are going to discuss about constitution writing.
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8441 Abraham demonstrates to nabituluntu chairperson how a Mvule tree is planted.