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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-08-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Problem Solving,Relationship Skills: Love 
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Henry Oyier,Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To remind the men in this village on how to take good care of their family members.
Introduction Manuela and Henry went to Kivule to educate the men about the roles and the quality of a good father, this lesson was aimed at encouraging men to take good care of family members with lots of love for both children and their children. Objective - By the end of this lesson, most men will be in position to know that it is their roles as fathers to take good care of their families members. - By the end of the day, men will be knowing all their responsibilities and they will put it in practice. Overview While on the way, Manuela and Henry where discussing on how they are going to teach the men on that day, when Manuela and Henry arrived at the village, they found few members, Manuela, Henry and other members moved around to inspect what Kibo Group did in that village. After that, they came back to the meeting place, they were given seats and waited for the members to come as Manuela and Henry were discussing with the members around as they wait for the rest to come, after that, they came and the chairman opened the meeting officially by asking some one to pray. After all that, Manuela started by reviewing the previous lessons, as Manuela was doing that, she was asking them questions, she wanted to find out if they understood something, after that Manuela introduced the lesson for the day, and she told the community members she has come with Henry and he is the one going to teach on that day. It was time for Henry to teach, he started by introducing him self to the men, he said that he grew up with grandfather and Life was not easy for him but he hard to adjust to situation so that he can fit in that community. Henry started his lecture by encouraging the men to be open and speak up theirs minds , he told them that, a good father is that man who provide for his family for example, clothing, food, medical and shelter-for his family, a good father is that man who loves his children and the wife plus the entire family members equally, he went on and said that a good father is that man who solve problems with his wife rather than fighting his wife in front of the children and above all a good father is that man who feels happy about his family members work hard to provide for family members and also work together to see that the family is happy. Reactions After teaching, Henry gave time for the community members to react about what they have learnt, after some time, men reacted positively towards what they taught them and they also asked multiple questions which was good. After that Manuela finalized by asking the members about what they have learnt and also she asked who among them is going to practice all what they have learnt, majority rose up their hands. Finally, Manuela told the men to advice their to come and also learn. 
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2019-08-28 - Purpose: To educate women only about the roles and responsibilities of their families.
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8474 Henry is encouraging the men in that village to be good fathers who can provide, love and be available for any family members in case of any problems.
8477 Before Henry started to teach, Manuela was reviewing the previous lessons that they learnt last week with the community members.
8480 Henry is explaining to the men how he try’s to manage his family, he told them his story while he was young at his ground fathers house.