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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-11

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Dangers of Abortion,Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To know and agree together that abortion is bad and a sin before God and man.
Introduction Lorna went here to introduce a new topic Relationship Skills. This topic entails Relationships in a home ; what challenges the women are facing , what challenges the men are facing and how the children and youth are behaving in the community. Overview Lorna arrived the village after a heavy downpour and most of the community members had gone back to their gardens which affected the meeting. Lorna then decided to just be with the community members present and discuss issues affecting them. There were some members in the church building smearing its floor and some children sweeping around the church compound.This is a new church of Christ. Lorna went over to them and they were conversing how life is hard and told Lorna how they wish they could come to town since Life was better there. Lorna told them otherwise that they were lucky because in the village there is a lot of land where they can easily plant food unlike in town. They said there is land but they don’t have seedlings , cassava stems to plant. Lorna said but these things are brought to the sub county usually and Lorna advised that they need to always followup. They said their leaders never take initiative but Lorna told them to take initiative otherwise they will remain behind. They asked Lorna to pass by the sub county and pick it for them but Lorna said they would not give her because she does not stay in that village and they wouldn’t trust the items with her but she can help and find out just. Two women were also not happy with Kibo and told Lorna they have something to ask her. They told Lorna that they paid money to join a Kibo group during Mvule Program and also paid 30,000/- to get goats for the new members but they did not receive their goats. Some people went around distorting them of money and said Kibo was to bring the goats but they did not see. They then said that’s why people in Kigalama have lost trust in Kibo programs. They said even the stoves program did not return since some of them did not get stoves.Lorna cleared this by telling them Kibo has never asked anyone for money and if there was any such thing it was never Kibo but few people who were painting Kibo’s name wrongly. Lorna told them that the group could have decided that new members pay membership fee and about the 30,000 that should have been for the goat offspring depending on what the group decided on. To keep the offspring they pay 30,000 to the pool or return the offspring to the pool. They said many people gave their money but did not see the goats. About the stoves , Lorna told them non of Kibo’s programs stay in a village for ever but impart them with skills which they are to sell themselves. She added that those who did not get were to go to the committee to request to be built for at a certain fee. Lorna will however communicate to Mvule program department to address this issue. Conclusion Lorna did not teach as had planned because the community members started to come when time had already gone but ,together with the community members agreed to meet on a later date. Lorna concluded this visit by visiting one of the community members who has been sick and offered her some money to buy juice. She thanked Lorna and also appreciated Kibo for their work in the village.They also rescheduled the lesson for another day. It was a good visit though it was totally different from the actual plan. 
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2019-09-25 - Purpose: Teach the lesson which was to be taught on this day but unfortunately was not due to unavoidable circumstances.
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