Health Education - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-09-13

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 2: Nutrition and Diet 
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Irene went to Maliga to continue with the nutrition lesson basically to teach more about a balanced diet and to demonstrate the different foods that make a balanced diet. After giving a clear explanation Irene divided the members into groups to give a clear and practice explanation on how they can combine their foods in order to make a balanced diet. She divide them into group A B, C. With each representing a different food type. A for energy giving foods, B for body building foods and C for the protective or glow foods and then Irene represented the water. A member from each group was to give examples of the food kinds that belong to that category and after a combination was to be made by choosing a member from each food type to make a balanced diet. The lesson was so interactive and exciting because the members didn’t know that out of the foods they grow they only needed to know how to blend it to make a balanced diet. With different examples Irene also encouraged them to take plenty of water because it makes the biggest part in our diet and lives together with fiber foods to help in digestion and to avoid constipation. 
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Health Education 
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2019-09-27 - Purpose: Teach about the burns, scalds, the causes , prevention and first aid.
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8756 Maliga village members discussing the different foods that make a balanced diet after Irene teaching them. After the lesson she divided them into 3 different groups that represented the energy giving foods, protective foods, and body building foods.