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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-20

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Your Life Stories 
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Learning Objectives
To know who a role model is and what their characteristics are and to know how to aspire to be like them. To share life time experiences to be able to encourage each other in times of difficulties and challenges.
Introduction Lorna was here to teach on the topic role models and Life stories. It is very important to have role models in our lives because they inspire us to work hard but the question is are the parents/ men and women in Nawampiti being role models in their homes, community?. Do they even know who a role model is and the qualities they possess?. Overview After waiting for sometime, some community members showed up and the meeting was opened with a word of prayer and then Lorna took over. Lorna started by doing a review of the previous lesson which was on Decision Making ;Steps in making a good decision. Lorna asked the community members what they remembered whereby they mentioned a few steps like Pray, think about the situation broadly,seek advice , listen to the advice, think of personal, Religious values among others. Lorna gave a few examples concerning decision making so as the community would identify which steps to use .Examples like if their daughter/ son impregnated someone, starting up a business, hearing a rumour about their spouse among others. Lorna then introduced role models; Lorna started by asking who a role model was and when they got the answer as someone one admired, looks up to and aspires to be like. Lorna went ahead and asked whether there were any role models in Nawampiti. There was silence and then they started to give random examples whereby one was of a drunkard man who used to abuse his wife and children and did not provide for the family but recently his no longer a drunk and he loves his family very much. Lorna asked whether this was a good role model ? They said yes and Lorna said to the youth and teenagers , this would inspire them that Alcohol robs them of their time and all their loved ones but this was not the role model they were looking at. Lorna mentioned some of the characteristics of a good role model and said that for example her role model was her mother because she is very hardworking, loves people , prayerful and she all her siblings were under her care even when she had nothing. She continued and said that a role model is someone who has certain qualities that one admires and that she does not put them on today and tomorrow she does not have them. It is a part of them that cannot change but pull you to look more into what they do and how you can be like them. They looked at; honest, reliable, hardworking, caring, active member in church or community, always responds to people’s challenges,support many people in the community or family,pays attention to the needs of others. Lorna asked whether they can now relate these qualities to anyone in the village and they still kept quiet .Lorna asked them whether they themselves are not role models to their children or they don’t know. She asked them to go back home and find out from their children what qualities they like from them and then build on that. In the end the councilor mentioned an old man in the meeting and said for sure he is his role model to the agreement to everyone. They mentioned him being smart, patient, always on time , among others.Lorna thanked them for this and encouraged them to be good role models to their children and also in society. They will look at life stories on a later date since people came late. Conclusion One lady decided to bring the old man a litre of milk for always acting exemplary and as a good role model,the counselor promised 1kg of sugar. 
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2019-10-18 - Purpose: Continue with Life Stories, Causes , Dangers of early pregnancy
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