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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-09-25

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Career Guidance 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Head Teacher,Assistant headteacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To encourage the pupils to abstain from early sex
Introduction Manuela went to Kigalama to teach about the importance of abstinence and values of education. Continuous guidance about abstinence help the young boys and girls to stay away from sex, and focus on their studies. Overview When Manuela reached the school, she was warmly welcomed by the some pupils and teachers too including the headmaster after that, she went directly into the headmaster office and signed, after that pupils where under a tree waiting for her, when Manuela reached pupils they were happy to see again more especially for those know her, she was accompanied by the three teachers to place where pupils where seated, she was introduced and given chance to talk to the pupils. Manuela started by asking the pupils that who among them still recall her names, some pupils tried to answer her, after that she introduced her self to the pupils and also told them the reason why she visited them. Manuela asked them that who among them know the reason why he or she came to school, pupils tried to answer the questions saying that to learn how to read and write, to speak English, to learn different Subjects and among others. She went on and even asked them that what do they want to be in feature? Most pupils said they want to doctors, nurses, lawyers and police persons, few pupils mentioned that they want to become teachers, Manuela told that for them to achieve their goals they need to read hard and focus on their studies. Manuela went on and told them that they should have discipline, respect for elders, loving education and always being in class and reading their notes so that they can perform very well. After all the above statement, Manuela asked the pupils that what is abstinence in English and in lusoga, pupils tried their best to answer that question, Manuela also took some good time to encourage the pupils to abstain from early sex because through that they will finish their studies, they will be free from sexually transmitted diseases, they will be free from early pregnancy and early marriages. As Manuela was explaining this, she broke in to tears because as she was advising the pupils to abstain some of the pupils in that school already are pregnant, they got them during holidays and when they came back to the , the school carried out an pregnancy test exercise, some girls were found pregnant and they were chased back home. Manuela continue emphasizing to the pupils to abstain from sexual practice that can lead them to sex. After attending to the pupils, Manuela went back to the office of the headmaster and demanded for an explanation why the three girls got pregnant, unfortunately the headmaster told Manuela that those pupils were from another school and they are not Life Skills pupils and they did not attend because they were not at kigalama primary school. After this, Manuela went to the sub county to report that case she also called the DEO and she plans to follow up this case up to the end to that the parents and boy friends of those girls are jailed. 
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2019-10-30 - Purpose: To continue with the previous lessons
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Report Photos

8915 Manuela is trying to explain to the pupils the importance of abstinence
8918 Pupils trying to respond to what Manuela was guiding them about for example she was explaining to the pupils about the values of education.
8921 Teachers are trying give pupils a remark about what Manuela told the pupils.
8924 Madam Salama who is the current Life Skills teacher at Kigalama primary school. She was also trying to encourage the pupils to abstain.