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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-09-25

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
-To understand what exactly Abstinence is and why as young children they needed to Abstain. - To understand the value of education / why they are in School.
Introduction Lorna went to Kivule Primary School for a followup visit on how the Life Skills lessons are going that is, if lessons are being conducted and what challenges are there that needed to be addressed. Overview When pupils saw the car, they started running to the Life Skills class and also the life skills teacher was seen going after them. While in class, Lorna was well received by the pupils who were very excited to see her and her as well. Lorna welcomed them back from their holidays and asked them what they spent their time doing in the break. They said fetched water, dug in the gardens, looked after the goats and cows among others. Lorna thanked them for being good children and helping their parents at home and mentioned that she knows some were just moving around aimlessly, playing , being idle and disorderly. She encouraged the pupils to make use of their school break by helping their parents, reading their books and doing productive work so they don’t get into trouble. On Abstinence , Lorna asked what they understand by the term Abstinence and they were shy to mention so Lorna mentioned that it refers to staying away from sex. She asked whether Abstinence was important and the class said yes and Lorna asked why was it important. Some of the answers mentioned were; to avoid early pregnancy which Lorna added that there are consequences whereby the girl will drop out of school where as the boy may get arrested or be forced to be a father when still young. To avoid early marriages, to avoid getting diseases like STDs, HIV/ AIDS, to avoid suffering, to avoid stress, to avoid parental neglect, to finish School and get a good future were some of the reasons mentioned. They also looked at what are some of the reasons why young girls and boys say yes to sex. Allan mentioned to get basic needs Lorna asked the class to clap for him. Lorna told the pupils that they should never give in their bodies for the sake of basic needs and if anyone was to help them , they needed to do so in good faith and therefore they should never accept such offers no matter what. Other answers were for leisure but Lorna discouraged this as the leisure they think it is can destroy their future, peer pressure, to prove their love where Lorna mentioned if someone asked them to prove their love through sex then that means they don’t love them, curiosity, Relationship may end among others. They also looked at the importance of education where Lorna asked teacher Marginal to take over since she was not feeling well . The pupils mentioned to get a good future, to be doctors, teachers, to be rich among others. Teacher marginal also mentioned ; get good jobs earning good money because if one does not study, they cannot get a good paying job, to help their families where teacher marginal mentioned referring to the pupils all coming from poor backgrounds and asked who wouldn’t want to develop their homes or village?. Others were to know right from wrong, know the laws governing the nation and how to abide, not to be taken advantage of, not to get married off early , be a respected community member among others. Conclusion Lorna urged the pupils to be obedient, disciplined ,pray, listen to their teachers, parents , read their books and they will make it in life. 42 pupils also need books as they did not receive any. Lorna thanked teacher Marginal for the passion to teach Life Skills and the Headmaster for allowing him to do so. 
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2019-11-18 - Purpose: Followup on Life a Skills progress.
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