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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna together with Manuela went to Kigalama A to continue with their lesson on communication skills. How to communicate with each other in the community using the lesson on Attack and Avoid communication behavior. Overview Manuela and Lorna reached the meeting place but this time did not find the chairman .Usually they arrive when he is already there waiting for them but she was later on informed that he had travelled. They waited for a while before the community members came and thereafter started there meeting. They looked at importance of communication like for; reconciliation, friendship, builds strong family bonds, let’s one focus on other more important things among others. Not communicating or poor communication leads to ; enmity, conflicts, behavioral problem in children among others. Manuela then took the community through communicating in the community as a whole whereby, she asked the community members how do they engage with their fellow community members on a daily. She mentioned that we were going to look at two kinds of people and she asked the community to think within themselves where they fall. Under Attack she mentioned characters like Nagging, shouting, revenging, insulting. She asked by show of hands how many people behave like this but they all laughed and murmured that they are there and know themselves. She asked whether people like this have friends and they said no , she asked them are they easy to approach they said no. She added that all this people look for is war or creating such atmospheres where their is friction between people , they are not happy in their families and sometimes even their husbands don’t want to stay around them. Looking at Avoid behavior they looked at; withdrawal from conversations, sulking in silence and not talking about what is hurting them which is also dangerous, backbiting rather than facing the person with the problem face to face , not wanting to hurt the other person at their expense . Manuela encouraged the community members to have a balance between the two but it starts with knowing themselves and knowing where they fall so as to respond well and leave in harmony. However she encouraged Avoid as the better style. Other Notes Lorna and Manuela also went to Kigalama School to followup on a girl the chairman and grandma mentioned that was pregnant in Kigalama and in Primary Seven . On talking to her on how she got the pregnancy, she said the man forced himself on her. She also mentioned that he used to buy her books and other staff. When asked if the man had a job, she mentioned no but he has a wife and other children. When asked whom she lives with, she mentioned her grandmother. However there was not much to ask as she kept crying the whole time. Manuela and Lorna then went to the sub county to follow up on this case because they expect arrests to be made but if nothing is done then Lorna and Manuela will go to police themselves but they are waiting because they want to follow protocol. Conclusion Manuela and Lorna will be following up on the above case because if they don’t then the community will think it’s okay and there is no punishment. This man is 26 years and the girl is only 16. 
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