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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Relationship Skills: Love 
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Learning Objectives
-To know and understand the definition of love and the different kinds of love their is. -To know and understand what the definition of a good and bad Relationship is.
Introduction Lorna went to introduce Relationship Skills to the pupils of Bukhana Primary School. Under this topic the pupils get to know the definition of the term Relationship and get to know the bad and good kind of relationships. They also get to know about Love whether it is right for them to be in love at this age. Overview Due to the bad roads Lorna reached a little bit later than the usual time and therefore when she got to the School , she reported her presence and went to the Life Skills class. The Primary Seven were doing a test but Lorna requested that immediately they finish with the test, they join them which they did. Lorna went through the previous lesson on HIV cure and treatment which Manuela took them through the previous week. After the review, Lorna introduced Relationship Skills where they defined the term Relationship as a way in which two or more people behave towards each other. They also looked at the different types of Relationships like; -Child to Child Relationships ;where Lorna explained what this relationship entails like sharing, encouraging each other, looking out for one another , not stealing each other’s item and most importantly no Sex. - Parent to child relationships which involved; respect, discipline,counseling , love, care and also no Sex is involved. Lorna encouraged the pupils not to fear when they notice that their privacy is being invaded to report all cases. She told them most of the defilement and rape cases are caused by relatives that is uncles, grandparents, fathers, close friends to the family and usually they tell them not to say anything or they will beat them, stop paying their fees among other threats. Lorna therefore encouraged them that when they notice unnecessary behavior towards them by the people most close to them, they should quickly report this. - Teacher to child relationship; Also here there is Respect, discipline, guidance and Lorna also warned that when the relationship turns to bring the books to a male teachers house and if the pupil is scared, they should go in company of another friend. Lorna also mentioned that there should not be Sex in this a Relationship whatsoever. They also looked at qualities of a good relationship where they mentioned; Honesty, trust, understanding, respect, confidentiality among others. Under Love, they defined what love is and looked at the different types of love. The types looked at were; - Agape love- Which is the Godly kind of love where no one expects anything in return. She gave them an example of if they do good to someone in a bad situation they should not also wait Test because they helped this person in the bad situation, they must also help them . - Philio Love- This is the love displayed by brothers, sisters, friends, parents. - Eros Love- This is the love displayed by lovers, marrieds. Lorna explained to the pupils that this is not for them. After the types Love, Lorna asked them when someone tells them they love them what first comes in their mind?. The pupils were shy and kept quiet. Lorna told them for some of us when we hear these words they cannot sleep, or concentrate in class but all they think about is what the other person said. This made the whole class to laugh. Lorna told them when someone tells you they love you ask them what they expect in return. For some it may be sex but if someone loves you genuinely they would not want to spoil ones future but wish the best for them and therefore one should look for the persons genuine intentions. She also told them that at their age they are not supposed to be in romantic/ love relationships but wait for the right time. Lorna added anyone who genuinely loves someone should respect them, believe in their future , wait for them to finish School and then they can discuss relationship matters. Conclusion Lorna also met a few Primary Seven pupils and advised them to carry out group discussions, ask their teachers for help where they need help and guidance but most importantly pray and not be scared. Lorna also met the assistant Headmaster and the Life Skills teacher Steven about the Exhibition and told them that the date will be 15/November 2019. 
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