Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-10-09

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Water Community Meeting

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Together with the community members and the Hydrogeologist from Draco drilling contractors company, they were busy in Igerera B village searching for a potential site for water drilling. During this process, the village is highly encouraged to keep peace and walk together with the surveyor while helping whenever asked to do so. The people of Igerera were very excited to see the water surveyor and many people turned up to witness the process of borehole survey in their village something that many had never seen in their lives. The first day went on smoothly with promising results that the surveyor came up with. He was almost coming to the end with the survey and unfortunately the rain started and we had to stop. On 10/10/2919, water survey continued in Igerera village and a suitable water point was got. The village was very excited when the surveyor told them that a suitable water point had been got. Everyone in the village was very happy with the point that was selected. The land owner, Mr. Wilson was very happy to give out part of his land to have a borehole drilled for the people of Igerera B to enjoy clean water. He promised to sign the land agreement as required by Kibo group after talking to all his family members. During the next meeting, Kibo will be able to have the land agreement completed by all the relevant people before the borehole drilling can take place. The community in Igerera is very happy to kibo group for fulfilling the promise. Kibo WASH staff will continue to prepare the village and guide them through the whole process of borehole construction and training of the water user committee on what should be done. Borehole drilling will be expected very soon. 
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2019-10-14 - Purpose: Complete land agreement and village meeting
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9146 The community members in search for a potential site for water in the village