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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-10-14

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
To develop strategies on how to manage our everyday emotions
Introduction Lorna went to Bukhana Primary School where she taught about managing emotions. In life we have different kinds of emotions for different situations however, for some emotions it is very important to learn how to control them or manage them before it turns into something else that they may regret. For this lesson we looked at Managing Anger and Managing love. Overview There have been heavy rains recently and this has spoilt most of the roads especially this side of Luuka and because of the poor roads , Lorna reached late at the School and instead of signing in first, she decided to go straight to the class to teach the pupils. In the class room Lorna greeted the pupils , did a review of the previous lesson and thereafter introduced the lesson of the day. She introduced managing Emotions where she started by asking the class what does this mean but they seemed like they had had the term for the first time. Lorna then simplified it to them by asking them questions like if someone gives you a gift how do they feel?. They said happy , Lorna went on and asked if someone abused them how would they feel, they said sad, if someone did something very terrible to them how would they feel?, they said angry. With these different examples, Lorna mentioned that these are what we call emotions. She told them it was something you express after something happening to you. Other examples given were love, confusion, depression,fear,despair, joy, disappointment,frustration among others. However Lorna mentioned that they were going to look at two in this lesson which were how to manage Love and Anger. Lorna started by asking the pupils what they do when somebody annoys them or makes them angry. They said fight, walk away, revenge, avoid them , pray but most of the people said fight. One girl mentioned how can she pray when someone has annoyed her she will just fight back or abuse them. She said it silently but Lorna heard and said it is possible to manage our anger because if we don’t for example fight , we will end up hurting other people and this will not have solved anything. Lorna mentioned because people can not control their anger they end up killing each other which is what they hear on radios that someone killed their neighbor, wife, husband. Someone chopped someone into pieces and all this when followed up can be due to something small. Lorna then built on what some pupils had mentioned up that when somebody annoys them they walk away, Pray about the situation, forgive and forget, talk to the person about it and tell them what exactly they did that annoyed them and find a way to resolve it, talk to someone about it, play games , take a walk among others. Lorna mentioned that if we did this we would save ourselves going to prison for example, being expelled from school, creating enemies and instead live in harmony. Under managing love, Lorna asked the pupils what were some of those promises that boys or men mention to them when they say they love them?. One person mentioned that they will love them until lake Victoria dries, others said they told them they were the only star in the sky, fish in lake Victoria among others. Lorna said that these promises are unrealistic and before they get taken away, they need to realistically think about these things. Lorna then said if one can not handle their love emotion, they can end up pregnant, getting STDs ,fail in school because they are not concentrating but thinking about the other person. She therefore mentioned that just like we can manage Anger, we can also manage emotions. They looked at some of the ways to manage love like; making themselves busy especially when they find themselves thinking about this person. Another was visiting friends and just catching up , playing games in the sense that this will take away their mind from this person, reading , finding something that they love to do, praying, talking to someone about this person among others. Conclusion The lesson went well and after that Lorna reminded them of the exhibition day and encouraged them to keep practicing. They were able to sing for Lorna one song which was great. 
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2019-10-21 - Purpose: Continue with Relationship skills
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