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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To know the different roles and responsibilities of boys,girls,women and men To learn the definition of gender roles and When one is asked what is their sex.
Introduction Lorna went to Bukhana Primary School where she taught on Gender roles and Responsibilities. The intention of this lesson is for both boys and girls to know their roles and responsibilities at home and in society. Which roles have been streamlined to be done by girls or boys and is it possible for these roles to be shared?. Overview On arrival Lorna went straight to the class and was warmly welcomed by the pupils whom she greeted and then asked them to sit down so they can begin the lesson. Lorna did a review of the previous topic which was managing emotions. The two emotions though many looked at were Managing Anger and managing Emotions. They reminded themselves of ways to manage these emotions and teacher Steven of life skills urged the pupils to listen to the advice they were given as not many people are lucky to here of these lessons. He added and told the pupils whenever they feel angry they should think about all of the things mentioned and he told them not to be deceived by their love emotions but to be a master of those emotions to avoid things like early pregnancies. He told them that their is a time for everything and Lorna added that love will always be there and that it was the reason we were all born out of the love for our parents. After the review , they looked at gender roles and responsibilities where Lorna asked the pupils what Gender roles meant but no one had an answer and so they defined it as roles of a person based on their sex. They also defined sex as a state of being male or female. Lorna then wrote on the blackboard on one side roles of women/ girls and the other boys/men. She then turned this to the pupils who gave the roles of women/girls as follows; cook food, clean, take care of children, active in church, sweep the yard, collect firewood, fetch water ,digging, washing clothes among others. Lorna asked the pupils if they themselves practiced all they mentioned at home and they said yes and she also asked how about their mothers and they said yes too. They then went on and looked at the roles of the men/boys where they mentioned ; dig, fetch water which the pupils said was not very common, collect firewood and this too was challenged , digging, making decisions, protecting the family, washing clothes, building houses, building latrines among others. Lorna mentioned that there some roles that have been streamlined for men only and women only but like the discussion went , they were able to agree that some roles are shared and Lorna added that there is nothing wrong with a girl grazing, a man cooking as this will not make him less of a man, or make him loose a beard. Lorna encouraged the boys to help their sisters at home. They discussed about how the women were treated in the past and even until now and they examples like ; not eating certain foods, not doing certain jobs as her role was to be in the kitchen and nothing else. Teacher Steven encouraged the boys to work hand in hand with the girls whereby if the girl is cooking, the boy can he,p fetch water unlike leaving everything to the girl/woman like we have grown up seeing. Challenges The rains are falling so hard and the swamps are full Lorna‚Äôs driver had to get out of the car to check whether we would be able to pass because the water had crossed over and flooded the road.They were however able to manouve Conclusion Lorna asked the pupils to embrace their roles and responsibilities as boys and girls but also to embrace that some of these roles can be shared. Lorna ended by saying that before there were few women holding positions in thus country because culture had defined these roles for the women where men took over all the jobs and there was just a handful of women but now look at how many women were in top positions in this country because it has been believed that women and girls can also share these roles and responsibilities which were considered for the men. 
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