Mvule Community Development - Kiteigalwa - Bugiri

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2019-11-01

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2019-11-05 09:29:47 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met twenty seven Kiteigalwa B community members and the purpose was to discuss about how they can materials to the site of the clinic. When they were in the general meeting they decided that Abraham can meet groups individual A and B. The members were happy because this was the first time Abraham to meet them as a separate group. The chairperson of the group told the meeting that they have been doing fine and it was their group that suggested to have a rice farmers group which is combining the all village in the group. They suggested that they can bring one item to the site like sand and group A brings bricks Abraham thanked them for the hard work they are doing and told them them that he is going also to meet group A and give them those ideas so that they can also discuss about it then they will have a joint meeting where they will come up with a way forward for getting materials at the clinic site. They are doing well with burial saving and they are helping any member who has lost their dear one whereby they contribute one hundred thousand towards the family that has lost. 
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2019-11-08 - Purpose: To meet with the members of group A and discuss how they will get the materials to the clinic site
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