Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukhudumira - Bukhudumira Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-11-01

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2019-11-20 08:00:25 UTC
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2019-11-20 08:26:49 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Naguti Sarah 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To give pupils post test.
Manuela was not around on that day, she hard gone to receive Kibo visitor from the air port , she decided to delegate Sarah to go to that school and give pupils post test and also give the primary seven pens and success cards. When Sarah reached the school, she found pupils in their class reading and preparing to do their post test since she was late by twenty minutes she just gave the pupils test and she told them to ask if they are not understanding any question, she also informed them that unfortunately Manuela is not around today, but they should not be afraid of her, she encouraged them to feel free and write their test because it is Manuela who is going to mark them. While the pupils were writing their test, Sarah was moving around monitoring the pupils on how they were doing their test together with the school life skills teacher. After that , Sarah went to the primary seven to give them success cards and pens which they will use during their primary leaving examination, but before giving them, she encouraged them to read hard so that they can pass their test. She also told them to read the instructions given properly before writing anything she prayed for them and wished them success in their exams. Finally, Sarah went to the headmistress office to sign and after that, she left. 
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2019-11-13 - Purpose: To give pupils general test.
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9614 Life skills teacher was giving out test to the pupils
9617 Sarah and the Life Skills teacher were monitoring pupils as they write their test.
9620 Sarah was issuing out success cards to the primary seven pupils.