Community Empowerment - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-11-20

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2019-11-24 04:50:25 UTC
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Ida went to Buluvu together with the Auditor to see what Kibo had spent such big money on. Ida first took the Auditor to Buluvu B where they checked three homes, they looked at hygiene and sanitation, stoves and latrins. The Auditor was impressed how Kibo maneuvers in such remote villages where the roads are impassable. The hygiene was good, stoves smeared, women were clean and some latrins were good though some had collapsed due to the heavy rains. They then went to Buluvu A where they only looked at only two homes. One of these homes had a stove but wasn’t using it. Ida asked the reason as to why the stove was abandoned the lady gave a lame excuse and promised to go back and tell Harriet who will go for evaluation and see what next. Ida and the Auditor didn’t get a chance to move to many homes because of heavy downpour that made them run to the car and leave in order to avoid getting stuck in the mud. It rained so hard and much that they had to pack somewhere and waiting for sometime because the driver wasn’t seeing properly because of the storm. On the way back to Jinja, the Auditor praised Kibo for the incredible work in the villages. 
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2019-11-27 - Purpose: To teach about Loving others.
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