Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-12-04

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Water Community Meeting

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8 new stainless pipes were installed into the new borehole that was recently drilled in Kisiro by Kibo group. After the successful casting and pump testing two weeks ago, the slab had dried very well and the last process of borehole installation was done. According to the pump testing report, it was agreed that the borehole be installed at 24M. Because of the good water recovery and yield, 8 pipes that were installed can serve very well even during the long drought seasons. The borehole static water level was 5.5M and the hole depth is 49.5M. Draco drilling company will continue to monitor the borehole performance in the next six months when the community start to use the borehole. Alex also met with some water user committee members about the next steps remaining and what the community needs to fulfill before the borehole commissioning. The water user committee shall continue to wet with all the community members to make sure that all the building materials needed to construct a new borehole fence is got and start to immediately prepare to construct the new fence. Also the water committee was told to be very active and also continue to encourage the village residents to reconstruct their facilities affected by the ongoing heavy rains. It was observed that some of the people have lost their sanitation facilities to rains. WASH team plan to continue encouraging the village to meet all the standards in sanitation and will plan to conduct hand washing triggering to promote the importance of hand washing in the village. Also the borehole fence and training of the water user committee has to be completed before the borehole is opened for the village to start using it. 
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2019-12-09 - Purpose: To meet with the community about the fence to be built on the borehole and continue with the training of the water user committee roles and responsibilities.
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9821 Eight stainless pipes were installed into the new borehole in Kisiro
9824 Installation of the new pipes
9827 Draco staff installing the pipes
9830 New head assembly being installed
9836 Test pumping after successful installation of pipes