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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-11-29

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2019-12-03 11:16:03 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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2019-12-04 13:22:48 UTC
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Anger: Causes and Danger 
Ida went to Budumba specifically to talk with a family that had some marital issues. After Ida’s lesson about causes and dangers of anger, she asked women who think that their husbands changed their behaviors as they promised sometime back. The majority raised their hands but some few didn’t. Ida encouraged those who didn’t raise their hands to be patient because change is a gradual process. But one them was bold enough to speak in her husbands presence who hadn’t changed but became worse. After the meeting Ida went and talked to her personally. Then the husband invited Ida to save sometime and go and help them settle the issue they have. Ida talked with them, each one spoke out his/her mind . The husband admitted that he did a mistake but promised to take care of his family. The wife wasn’t sure if the husband was going to fulfill his promise but Ida requested her to give him a chance. Let him prove to you but don’t deny him this chance. The wife asked Ida to keep communicating with her for updates. Ida encouraged the couple to keep peace and harmony at home so that the children will not notice the conflict between the two. The husband assured Ida that he is going to stay for two months in order to make the wife secure. Ida asked the wife to be patient and not leave the children to suffer due to any decision that may be made in anger. The meeting was good and ended with a prayer that Ida led. 
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2019-12-04 - Purpose: To introduce poultry lessons and follow up with the issue from the anger management lesson.
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