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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-12-06

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Aggressive Behaviours,Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went here to teach on communication skills. For a family and a community to thrive there should be good communication which in turn leads to good bonds and relationships. Overview When Lorna reached , there were no people at the meeting place however after about 30 minutes the community members came. When they had settled , an opening prayer was said and Lorna was invited to teach. Lorna started with a review of the previous topic on managing emotions. Lorna mentioned that besides what they discussed what else did they come up with as a measure to manage anger as an emotion. They mentioned other ways like understanding the person whether they are hot tempered , you can know how to approach them so that both angry parties can find a resolution because if they are all hot tempered there will be no resolution and therefore one of them should calm down. One lady asked Lorna supposing the person your trying to resolve an issue with does not want to accept they are wrong and keep shouting or acting rude what do you do. Lorna said in this case nothing will work out no matter what you tell them and so the best thing is to tell them it’s okay i know that you may be angry still and that you will pick it up another day when he/she is calmer. After the review they went on to communication skills where they looked at the different communication styles of Assertiveness, Aggressive and passive. They looked at the different characters of the above communication styles. Lorna mentioned that what they are learning does not implicate anyone but to understand the different ways in which we communicate and see which one has helped us the most and where we can change in our mode of communication to get what we want and therefore which is the most appropriate. Lorna encouraged them that however the best style or way to communicate is the Assertive one. In this style of communication , one is confident , speaks the truth, does not step on others, listens then talks, does not backbite among others. Lorna asked them to use this style and also teach it to the children. After these styles m they looked at the importance of communication where Lorna asked whether it is important to have good communication at home and if it is then why is it important?. They mentioned to have peace , build friendships, enables us to express our needs where Lorna added that if one has a problem and they don’t speak about it no one will ever know, It also prevents rumor spreading since everything is discussed out in the open , it won’t be very easy to accept those rumors. Lorna added that it helps us concentrate on other things instead of holding onto grudges .communicating as a couple for example creates healthier relationships. Poor communication on the other hand leads to enemity, hatred, behavioral problems in children, conflicts and separation which none of us wants this. Lorna also encouraged the parents to have open communication with their children as this helps build strong bonds of trust and friendship. We want to create a space where children are open to their parents about anything. Talking or communicating as parents to the children helps to ; build trust between parent and child, helps a parent to know their children’s strengths and weaknesses and how they can help the. helps the children have an independent mind like learn when to talk, fighting is not a solution, helps children know their expectations of them, helps address a bad behavior, helps them know you care about them , helps one to know their child’s interests. Lorna discouraged canning children without understanding why they did certain things. For example if they fought, stole or failed their examinations where Lorna asked them to sit down and have conversations with the children to try to understand why they did what they did and then guide them accordingly. She also encouraged those parents who say that their children are weak in school and they feel they have wasted enough money to not give up on the child but followup at school to find out why their child is failing and if for some reason this fails, they will be able to know their children’s interests like in vocational school where they can get hands on skill. Conclusion Lorna asked the parents to try to understand where their children are coming from and for some things they will not agree with like dress codes, certain manners, these cannot be addressed by force like beating the child especially the teenagers but by creating conversations that will point the children to the reason why they should not dress or act in a certain way. Lorna also added that parents should not shy away about anything concerning their children especially on sex education if we want to avoid early pregnancies and early marriages. 
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2019-12-13 - Purpose: Review all topics and finalize with Menstrual hygiene and Management
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