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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-12-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
To be able to understand the different gender roles and to know whether they are being carried out . To also assume the responsibilities required of each gender and how these roles can be shared.
Introduction Lorna went to continue with the topic Gender roles and responsibilities as previously, they did not have the lesson since there was a funeral. Overview When Lorna reached and there were no community members yet at the meeting place,she decided to walk to a few homes mobilizing the community members to come for the meeting. After the short walk, she came back and sat at the meeting place and waited for the community members to come. When they had come to the meeting, Lorna realized that there were many children but Lorna did not want them to miss the meeting and therefore she talked to her driver and they discussed that he should meet with them and they discussed what they were going to talk about. Lorna asked him to talk to them about hygiene, respecting their parents, helping their parents as Lorna took on the parents as well as the older children. Lorna-started with a preview of the previous lesson since the members had forgotten which lesson was on communication styles and the importance of communication. After the review they went on to look at the gender roles and responsibilities. Lorna asked the boys/ men and women what their roles and responsibilities are in their homes. The men mentioned that to take care of the family in terms of providing for them, protecting them, buying food,guiding them, making family decisions, grazing, building houses,digging pit latrines and other facilities although here the men complained that even the women can help them in the latrine construction like for example pouring the dirt from the dug hole,having authority among others. When the women’s turn also came they mentioned cooking, taking care of the children, fetching water, collecting firewood, sweeping the compound, welcoming visitors, serving others among others. Lorna then mentioned that among these roles there are those that can be shared by both men and women. One man said like digging latrines and the women shook their heads in disagreement saying that is supposed to be a mans job.However he said they can help them by pouring out the dirt. Lorna then said how about cooking can this be shared but the men said no that is for the women. They however said unless they were sick then they can cook. Lorna asked them before they got married did they use to cook? , they said yes and she asked what changed , they said they got married which sent them into laughter. Lorna knows the culture and did not want them to quote her wrong and she mentioned to them that they can participate in the cooking for example helping collect water, firewood and then the woman can cook. One woman mentioned a scenario of when both of them have been at the garden and are very tired but the man expects her to start cooking, go fetch water, collect firewood. One man said yes it is their work as women don’t get tired. Lorna stopped them there and said everyone gets tired and despite the fact that these roles were put in place for us , doesn’t mean we cannot bend some of them. She mentioned how roles are changing this time and how women do what men were doing like hold positions of power, build houses, graze animals which was not the case. She therefore urged the men to be more liniment in helping in the house chores at home. The men mentioned that when they help the women it becomes a routine and they begin minimizing them. Lorna cautioned the women to appreciate when their husbands decide to help them . She also told the men that doing these chores won’t make them less of a man but it will be for the happiness of his family. She cautioned the women not only to wait for the man to provide for them and that if they have some money they can always chip in to buy what is needed instead of waiting for the men. She also cautioned the women who when they see homes where the husband and wife have a good relationship and share gender roles not to call them “ bewitched” like is always said but to emulate and appreciate the relationship in that home. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for coming and told them Monday will be her final visit in this village. She encouraged them to stop being lazy as she told them how long she has worked with them but to count a few times where they kept time does not match. She told them even after Kibo leaves this village they should continue working together and embrace whatever program comes next. She urged them to keep practicing what they have been taught as are skills for life. She asked them to also pass on the message. 
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2019-12-16 - Purpose: Continue with Gender roles and responsibilities and teach gender and culture and do a review of all the lessons taught concerning life skills in preparation for phase out.
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