Mvule Community Development - Sinde - Namayingo

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2019-12-06

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2019-12-12 11:46:33 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham met twenty five Sinde community members and the purpose was to discuss how they can open a group account. The chairman thanked the members for coming to the meeting and he said that they had shared about opening the group account because they have the money they collected from the members for bore hole repair in case it breaks down but it is kept with the treasurer but they think if they get the group account that money will be safe. Abraham encouraged them to go first and check the bank they want to open a group account and get the requirements needed for opening a group account. He asked them also to select people who will be signatories on that group account and they need to have two passport photos, a national identity card, minutes they took when they decided to open a group account in that bank. They selected three members the chairman Mr Okecho, the treasurer Matirida and the secretary Otianga to be the one to go to Bugiri and check the bank they will open the group account. One of the member Birenge took Abraham to his home and showed him a cow he got from the goat Kibo gave to him, he worked so hard and the goats produced twins for the first time whereby the second time he thought about exchanging into a cow which he did because the goats were becoming many for him in the small place he has. Abraham thanked him for working so hard and achieve something big like a cow. 
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2020-01-08 - Purpose: To discuss about the nursery school they want to have as a group
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