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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-01-20

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Your Goals,Early Pregnancy 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the parents and pupils about dangers of early pregnancy and goal setting.
Introduction Teaching community members about goal setting and also educating the parents in that community about causes and dangers of early pregnancy among children in their community was really a good lesson since pupils are still at home so that they can talk to them before they leave for school. Teaching members about goal setting help the members to realize of what to do and plan for their goals and how they can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. The reason why Manuela teaches this causes and dangers of early pregnancy is because children stay with their parents all the time unlike her who meets them once a week at school she encouraged parents through this lesson to also do the same to the kids while at home. Overview When Manuela reached the village, she met members seated waiting for her to teach them because they were planning to go for another meeting after Life Skills lessons, Manuela started by greeting the members, she appreciated members for keeping time for the class , she explained to the community members about what she is going to teach them on that day, she told them that they are going to learn about new plans, goal setting and also look at the dangers and causes of early pregnancy among young girls. Manuela start her lesson by asking the members that what are their goals for this year, each and everyone was able to share with Manuela their goals, Manuela told them that though God has plans for us but it’s good to also to have plans too, she went on and told them that there are so many challenges that can limit us from achieving our goal but that should not discourage them from setting their goals for every year. Some reactions from community members During this conversation, one of the community member said that they would love to set goals but there are so many ups an down that let them down for example he said he had planned to start rearing goats but since he lacks the housing and land for grazing theses goats, Disease because these days goat have so many infections and even the thieves all that, it become hard for him and besides him are some too who may be facing several challenges that is why it’s hard to set goals and achieve them. But Manuela advised them to always consult before planning for that so that they are well informed about the coming challenges and look for ways to overcome Such certainties. After that lesson Manuela discussed with the community members about some of the dangers and causes of early pregnancy among young girls. Manuela asked the community members that how many parents talk to their girl about pregnancy and some parents responded that they do have female children but they have just started to talk to them simply because of the life skills program that teaches them to have time and talk to their children, Manuela added on that they should not give up but they should keep on talking to their children. Question What are some causes of early pregnancy among young girls? That bad peer group, young girls intend to admire things yet their parents can not afford, single parenting for example single fathers who may not have time to talk and advised their girls, one of the parents said that children sharing same house with their parents can also be some reason and among others after that they also discussed about dangers, members said that if a young girl pregnant while still young she can be dropped out of school, chased away from home, get disease like sexually transmitted diseases or even diy during birth since is young she may not be in position to push, poverty life and among others. Finally, Manuela summarized her lesson by encouraging the parents to have children they can plan for them and they should always have time and advice their children in case of any problems they should not give up. 
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2020-01-29 - Purpose: To the community members about dangers of Alcohol and drug.
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10127 Manuela was teaching the community members about the dangers of early pregnancy among young girls.
10130 Manuela was asking how many people are going to become teachers of their own children on issues concerning early pregnancy and marriages.
10133 The man seated next to Manuela was trying to talk about how young girls and boys have changed their ways of behavior these days because of Life Skills program that took place in school in that village.