Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera A - Iganga

Visit by Martin Kibuuka on 2020-01-27

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Martin Kibuuka
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2020-01-28 13:45:47 UTC
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Martin Kibuuka
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2020-01-30 11:19:34 UTC
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10:00-06:30 (-4 h 30 m)
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12:07-15:25 (3 h 18 m)
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-7 h 12 m

Household visits

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To check on sanitation improvement. 
Staff Attendees
Martin Kibuuka 
Government Attendees
LC1,VHT,Parish Chief 
Martin went to Igerera A, he walked around the village with the Chairman LC1, VHTS and the parish Chief. Their intention was to check on the sanitation improvement and encouraging them about the facility construction and standards in that village. According to what kibo taught them the advantage of having the home facilities and disadvantages of not having them, the community members in that village are working so hard to work on their sanitation facilities. They are digging the new pit latrines others are busy constructing them, dish racks, rubbish pits, kitchens and shower areas. According to what is going on about the sanitation facilities in that village, the group was encouraging the residents about the standards and maintenance. And for those who are just maintaining their sanitation facilities like latrines, kitchens and shower facilities, the group was encouraging them about smearing to make them strong and clean, the use of ash to eliminate flies and smell in their homes. The village leaders are also putting much effort to encourage the residents to work on their sanitation facilities, so that they can change their village to be hygienic. What is forcing them to make follow ups, because in the Government policy, they are the ones supposed to do that work and their responsible for that work of encouraging the community members about their sanitation facilities. That’s why in all the villages kibo is working in, the village leaders are just appreciating for the work going on. As kibo’s still working in that community, the group walked around in 40homes. 
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2020-02-05 - Purpose: To check on the sanitation improvement in that village.
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Report Photos

10283 This is how their busy working on their pit latrines with cement.
10286 Others are still digging their new pit latrines, to make them deeper.