Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nabikenge - Bukhudumira Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-01-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
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Dangers of Abortion,Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
To educate people about dangers of abortion and alcohol in take.
Introduction Manuela went to Nabikenke village to teach the community members about dangers of alcohol and dangers and causes of early marriages among young girls and boys, this lesson was aimed at advising the community members to reduce on their too much intake or advice them to stop taking alcohol because that can lead to a lot of problems. And for the sake of early marriages, some parents also do participate in forcing their children to get married in exchange of money and animals, so Manuela advised them to stop that because it’s against child rights and also the law. Overview When Manuela reached the village, she found some members at the meeting place, she greeted them and requested them to get ready as she plans to start her session, Manuela requested one of the community member to pray and after prayer, she told the members about what she was going to teach them, but before that, she asked them how many people worked on their home work? Few people did, the rest did not not, Manuela told them that it’s very important to also do their home because home work helps them to review it in the next lesson before introducing the new lesson. Manuela and the community members discussed the home work, after that she introduced another lesson which was about causes and dangers of alcohol. Manuela asked how many people do drink? And do we have people who are not in our meeting today but they do drink in this community they responded that many even they mentioned their names. While discussing about people who drink, Manuela asked the members that what make people to start drinking? They said that , some people do take to forget problems, Group influences, family back ground , to fell measure , and also the environment where those people live in. After she also asked them that what could be some of the effects on the people who do take alcohol? The community members said that those people can suffer from diseases like lung cancer, family conflict, die, it can leads to fighting, sexual abuse, addicted , irresponsible family needs and among others. After that conversation with the community, Manuela encouraged the community members to reduce on their intake or they should stop completely because it’s full of problems. Another lesson Manuela also introduced another lesson after the first one, Manuela asked the community members that what are the causes of early marriages in their community? They responded that, first the situation at home can also make young children to get married before the right time for example the ones that stays with step dad and mother, sometimes parents do send their children to get married in exchange of money and animals, bad peer groups and among others. She went on and asked the the members again that what are some dangers that the young children do go through. They said that those children surfer from sexually transmitted diseases, poverty, famine, lack of basic Needs, family miss understanding and among others. Manuela encouraged the to continue advising their children about the value of education and dangers of early marriages. Finally, Manuela told the community members that, that comes to the end of the lesson, and gave the community members home work, she told to search about the importance of abstinence and dangers of abortion. She went on and told them that they will from there in next visit. 
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2020-02-05 - Purpose: To the community members about importance of abstinence and menstrual hygienes d management.
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10313 Manuela teaching the community members about the dangers of alcohol and causes of early marriages.
10316 The woman in the picture was explaining how she suffered with his husband who could drink alcohol everyday and that led to the family conflict which resulted in to divorce.
10319 That man was also telling people what alcohol caused him when he use to drink but now he stopped and his life changed, he also encouraged his friends to stop.