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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Self Esteem Building 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community will be able to define what Self esteem is. By the end of the lesson the community members are empowered to fulfill their dreams.
Introduction Lorna went to teach about self esteem. Most times our decisions and communications are affected by lack of self esteem be it in our homes concerning marriage, starting a business, becoming a political leader among others . This lesson was therefore intended to rid the community of their lack of self esteem to achieve or fulfill their dreams or way of life. Overview On arrival Lorna went straight to the meeting place where they were welcomed by the people who live in this home where the meeting takes place. The community had not yet gathered and Lorna thought that they had forgotten however around 1pm the community members had gathered and the meeting begun. The chairman started by welcoming the community members and thanked them for coming to the meeting after which he asked a volunteer to pray and after the prayer Lorna was invited to teach her lesson. Lorna started by reviewing the previous lesson Gender roles and responsibilities where they reminded themselves of what they had learnt about. Lorna concluded this review by reminding the community members of who a good father is and a good mother among which she mentioned; looks towards unifying the family, instilling discipline and good morals, providing basic needs, clothes, treating their children equally (girl or boy), Incase of any conflicts not addressing them in front of the children but in private and that whatever they do affects / impacts the children therefore they should be exemplary. On the topic of today Self esteem, Lorna paused a question whereby she told the community members that we all have dreams and something we want to do in our lives currently or in future to change our current situation, homes, marriages, decisions about our children, but we have those things or that thing that limits us. Lorna asked them to think critically and mention all those things that limit us to achieve our dreams. She gave them time to think and some of the things mentioned were money that is poverty, pride , not working well together with others , time, fear among others. Lorna mentioned that the last point is kind of close to what we were going to talk about whereby one drives the other in that the lack of self esteem stems up fear . Lorna mentioned that self esteem refers to believing in yourself and ones capabilities. Lorna mentioned that lack of self esteem is a great disease that deprives us of our dreams. They went on and mentioned where does self esteem actually stem from: 1. Parents ; in a way that they were brought up or treated. If at home you were always looked at as the weak one , abused , mistreated, this can impact the way one sees them selves vis-à-vis if always praised, encouraged which would build ones esteem. 2. Siblings; The way one is treated by their siblings can also affect their self esteem for example if they were bullied , not allowed to give their opinion, 3. Belief system in God; This can also affect ones self esteem because you know that in God all things are possible. 4.Oneself ; how one also looks at themselves matter. Lorna also mentioned that what others say about you can also determine your self esteem. Words like you can never make it, you can never get married, no one ever finished school in our family then how can you finish , marriage is not for you. If this is what was or is said to you all the time and you take it in , then this will affect your life negatively. What matters is how one thinks of themselves and what they choose to believe. She added that the way one thinks of themselves/ say of themselves will be what they produce and will be what the world will take or the village will take and therefore it matters what you think of yourself. You alone determine how your life will go and you are responsible for changing it. Conclusion Lorna concluded by asking the community members to each pair up and tell each other what is that one thing they admire most about themselves. She asked a few to share their views and after this she concluded by asking the members what they have learnt and then concluded the lesson. Challenge The women are still complaining that their dream is to educate their children but the challenge is their husbands don’t want to help and also that they work out of the village and even when they come back they want to take their wives little money. They will sit down and think of what to do concerning these by continue to encourage their men about their responsibility but also what can the women do for themselves that they can sustain themselves and educate the children. 
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2020-02-19 - Purpose: Continue with the lesson of self esteem and then teach Gender and culture
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