Life Skills Education and Counseling - Kasuleta - new_school - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-02-10

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2020-02-11 09:19:19 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Career Guidance 
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Lorna Katagara 
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District Health Inspector 
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Head Teacher,Assistant headteacher,Senior Woman Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Inspector of Schools Sarah 
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Learning Objectives
To raise awareness on the importance of hygiene and sanitation as well as on Values of education.
Introduction This year 2020 is a new academic year therefore the Life Skills staff went out to the two new Schools to introduce themselves as well as the Life Skills program to the Schools and make a program on when to start officially. Overview Lorna together with Manuela set out to visit the two new Schools to make a plan on how Life Skills program will be moving on in these Schools this year. On our way to these Schools we picked up the District Schools inspector who was to accompany us and introduce us to these two new Schools. At the two new Schools they met with both the headteachers who received them warmly into their offices. At Nabitula the inspector introduced us and then gave Manuela and Lorna chance to engage the headteacher about Kibo’s intention in this School and we laid down for him the 5 skills that we teach under this program and after this we asked what some of the challenges in the school among the pupils were and he mentioned ; the lack of classroom blocks, lack of a water source at the School and also early pregnancy. After this MR.Ben was excited and we set a time and day and he also called in the School staff whom he introduced us to. We gave him the letter from the District and then moved on to the next School. At the next School we also met with the headteacher who warmly received us and like the previous school , the inspector introduced us and then we got to introduce the program which was warmly welcomed. We were able to get a time and a day on when to start. After this we went to the District to pick up another letter which was meant for this second School which we will be dropping to the School on Wednesday. 
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2020-02-12 - Purpose: Teach the first lesson which is intended to sensitize the school on sanitation and values of Education.
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10439 At Nabitula Primary School meeting with the head teacher Mr.Ben together with the Inspector of Schools Sarah.
10442 In this picture is also some of the staff of this School.
10445 Pupils of Nabitula during class session