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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Love,Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
- By the end of the lesson the community knows what Love is , that the love between a husband and wife is not like a brother and sisters. - Also by the end of the lesson the community will have developed strategies on how to manage anger.
Introduction This was a follow back from the previous meeting with the chairman on whether the program can continue in this village. The meeting went well and today Lorna went to meet the community where she taught Love and managing anger. Love is taught to the community members as a wake up call to the marrieds what it means to love their spouse in marriage and what it entails while managing emotions is taught to avoid some circumstances that would otherwise turn out wrong and regrettable. Overview Previously Lorna met with the women and they had a lot of issues going on in their homes. The women had a lot of problems concerning their husbands all arising from the men abandoning their responsibilities. Lorna therefore thought that Relationship Skills topic will best be the next skill to be taught here in this village. When Lorna arrived however, there was no one at the meeting place and she first sat in the car when her former pupil/student from Kivule Primary approached her. Lorna was happy to see him and asked him how he performed in the previous national exams and what was the plan now. He said he passed though not very well and is excited about going to the next level high school. Lorna was happy for him but also advised him to take the class again since he did not excel well but he told Lorna money was the problem. Lorna told him why he should repeat but also told him it’s okay to go to high school but ensure that he was more serious with his books. He mentioned that the challenge is his family does not value education and they say they don’t have money and that also them they did not study but are surviving. He therefore planned to go register at a certain school. Lorna told him to go ahead but also promised to have a conversation with his parents. After this talk the community members had gathered so Lorna went to the meeting. At the start of the meeting, Lorna started by greeting the community members and also sensitizing the parents on the value of education. She urged them to work hard and invest in their children whatever it takes because they don’t know how tomorrow will turn out. She told them to avoid things like even us we did not go to school but are doing fine because that was them but this is their children the next generation. She spoke about this briefly and then reviewed also the last topic they learnt here for the sake of those who did not attend back then because there were also new community members. The review was also on request of the chairman after having questions he could not respond especially on cure and treatment of HIV/AIDS. After this review, they went to the lesson of the day. She told them that they were going to look at Relationship skills ; where they will be looking at how to relate well with one another, what it takes, gender roles and responsibilities among others. On this topic however they looked at Love and managing emotions as previously the chairman Aldo shared that some women are abandoning their homes and also women were angry with their spouses for not doing certain things. Lorna asked the community what Love meant to each and everyone of them and asked only 4 participants to share with the group. Some mentioned love meant marriage to them, another mentioned love equals money in that where there is no money there is no love, another mentioned that love equals happiness. Lorna thanked them for their answers and went ahead and borrowed the idea of what Love is from the Bible where love is patient, kind, keeps no record of wrongs, does not envy is not proud,is not easily angered. Lorna mentioned love is when your spouse annoys you and you forgive them not bringing it up each time there is an argument, Love is seeing your family happy providing the needs required, apologizing when in wrong, striving to make things better, is not envious - comparing one another, patient when there is no money , kind helping one another among others. Lorna mentioned that when one does not provide for their family that is not Love, sells all the harvest without sharing with their spouse, refuses to pay fees for their children , abuses, mistreats his/her family that is not love. She mentioned that men before marrying their spouse always provide everything but unfortunately when married, they forget all this. One man added that women need to be pursued even in marriage making the women clap their hands and other men not happy. On the issue of selling off the harvest without informing the wives, Lorna said a good husband will let in their wife on how much they have and how they were going to manage it. The men said however they give them some money but when they need something, they ask they what are you going to use the money for, which bothers them. On managing emotions, Lorna mentioned they were going to look at managing anger. She said anger has made each and everyone including herself do or say things that were not very good, others have fought, killed because of anger, divorced their spouses, abused and insulted each other among other things. Lorna mentioned there different strategies to manage a pager and it was what they were going to look at. She mentioned to the women if their husband does not but certain things at home, they should not just quarrel about it but ask in a good way. Them men were happy clapping their hands chanting tell them. Kadubuli mentioned that for example in the night someone is quarreling about what he did not buy and when he tells them to keep quiet they begin insulting provoking but instead of beating his wife, he decides to move out of the house but this also is a problem when he comes back, where did you sleep, go back there so he doesn’t know what they should do. Lorna urged the women to pick the right time and peaceful time to bring up such issues not in the night as it could get worse. Conclusion They will start from here in the next meeting since time had gone , Lorna left them homework to discuss other ways of managing anger. She also encouraged them to maintain their hygiene and sanitation. 
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2020-02-14 - Purpose: Lorna left them with homework on strategies to manage anger and after this they will start the topic of gender roles and responsibilities.
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10487 On the topic which was Love, as you see in the picture it was an interesting topic and the participation was very good.
10490 Those n their shops got out and sat on the balconies to listen to the topic at hand.