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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Career Guidance 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Mpumiro Primary School is another School that Life Skills will be working in this year 2020. Lorna therefore made this visit to meet with the Headteacher and the School staff concerning this program and the intention of Kibo working here. Overview On the way to Mpumiro Primary School, Lorna passed by the District to pick the Inspector of Schools to introduce her to this new school since this was going to be Lorna‚Äôs first visit here. After picking Sarah from the District, they set off to Mpumiro Primary School and while at the School, they met the Headteacher in his office together with the members of the PTA( Parents Teachers Association). They welcomed us and everyone in the office was able to introduce himself including the Headteacher who came last and also mentioned that he has been in this school for only 2 weeks now having been reshuffled from a School in Iganga District therefore, he was just getting familiar with the School and how it runs. He then asked the Inspector of Schools to introduce Lorna and also the reason as to why they were in this School today. The Inspector introduced herself and Lorna as well, telling them that Lorna comes from an NGO called Kibo group and that she comes under the program of Life Skills Education and Counseling. When she finished Lorna then thanked her and everyone in the room and she said that what the inspector had said was right and also gave a simple introduction of what Kibo does as a whole. After this she went ahead and explained what Life Skills is and what it entails where she told them about the 5 skills taught under this program. She briefed them that initially Life Skills started with primary Schools but later to bridge the gap they decided to teach also the parents. She mentioned the importance of all these skills to the children and parents at large and mentioned the same lessons are taught both in schools and in the communities but with different approaches. After this she asked the number of pupils in the School and they mentioned as per this day 524. She went ahead and also asked about the number of the Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils and together they were 88. Lorna mentioned that the reason why she is asking this is because this program requires a certain number of pupils. She mentioned that 125 was the maximum. They mentioned that if we add the primary 5s then the number will be met. She asked how many they were and they mentioned 64 as per now. Lorna said that maybe they will select a few from primary 5 to meet the number. They also looked at the Day and time which Lorna requested for Monday at 11am but the Headteacher was negative but later agreed. He was however curious how to fit this program in the timetable but the Inspector said this will be fitted in the Schools curriculum as part of it. Conclusion The Headteacher was happy about the program and so were the rest of the people in the meeting. It was agreed that Lorna will be back on Wednesday to address part of the pupils of this school and they will be creating awareness on Values of education and personal hygiene and sanitation. 
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2020-02-19 - Purpose: conduct the first sensitization lesson on Personal hygiene and sanitation and also talk about the values of Education.
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10619 This man was happy about the program and said that on behalf of the community he welcomes the program not only at the School but community as well.
10622 Moses has a concern about a nearby LC where the children are not going to School and he was requesting Kibo or the Education Inspector to address this issue since it is become no a big problem. The Inspector of Schools told them to liaise with the subcounty about this problem.The Inspector is the lady in a Purple /Pink Suit.