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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-02-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Assistant headteacher,Class Teacher,Senior Woman Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
- To ensure the pupils understand the importance of good personal hygiene and that it can also affect their education. - To ensure that the pupils know the reason they are in School and to encourage them to stay in school.
Introduction Lorna together with Manuela went to Mpumiro Primary School to carry out general sensitization on values of Education and on personal hygiene and sanitation. Overview When Lorna and Manuela reached Mpumiro Primary School , they went straight to the Headteachers office where they signed in and then waited for sometime as they were getting the pupils ready and then headed out to meet them. The classes that were met were classes from primary 4 to Primary 7. When the pupils had gathered teacher Kulire who will be co-teaching with us under the program addressed the pupils and then welcomed Kibo staff to take over. Manuela started by greeting the pupils then introduce Life Skills program to them. But before going deep into what Life Skills is, she Asher what some of the challenges as children that they face in the community. They mentioned lack of sanitary towels , lack of knickers and for the boys boxers. Manuela asked about whether there were cases of early pregnancies and marriages and they said they were there. She said all this shall be covered under a Life Skills Education and Counseling. Manuela talked about the 5 skills under Life skills and briefly explained what each of these skills entail. After that she went to the topic of the day Values of Education where She then asked the children, who of them knows why they were in a School?. At first they were shy but they were encouraged not to be shy. Some participants raised up three hands and responded to Manuela’s question of why they were in School where they said they wanted to be doctors, nurses and one girl mentioned a Reverend. All these were great answers. After this Manuela gave them a background of how she studied and how it led to where she is now. She also mentioned some challenges she went through but because she was determined, she was able to make it Life. She told them that Respecting our elders is one of the keys towards success and not minding about if they were under a tree or in a classroom. She went ahead and mentioned Education can earn you a good job, Education can help you travel and be exposed to the world around you . With an Education you command respect, can own and drive a car , get ones opinion heard, improves confidence and self esteem among others. Lorna then came in with Personal hygiene and Management , she asked the pupils what personal hygiene was and they defined it as the general cleanliness of the body. Lorna mentioned the four basics of personal hygiene which were; 1. Brushing of our teeth; Here Lorna asked how many times should one brush. One pupil said six getting everyone laughing, another said 2 While another three. Lorna asked told them it is true 3 times a day but 2 can work for them and this was in the morning and before bed. She asked the importance of brushing and they said to kill germs. Lorna also mentioned when you have clean teeth you are confident but if yo have bad breath because you don’t brush, no one will want to be around you. Lorna emphasized one does not have to have a real tooth brush to brush but even the local sticks can work. 2. Bathing ; Lorna asked how many times should one bathe ?. Here one pupil said 4 times while others said 3 or 2 times. Lorna also mentioned that it is very important to bathe and just like brushing if one does not bathe they will stink and no one will be around them and even in class they won’t concentrate. She mentioned that the body is theirs therefore they need to take good care of it. While bathing they need to pay attention to critical parts like their private parts ,armpits. That they needed to also shave their armpits and private parts. 3. Handwashing ; Lorna mentioned the importance of washing hands and how they should be washed. She said that we needed not to rush at washing our hands but take our time because our hands are a big carrier of germs. She mentioned that to wash hands they need clean water and soap which is good that they have handwashing stations. They also looked at the times when to wash our hands which were; Before and after eating food, before preparing food, after visiting the toilet, after touching rubbish, after grazing animals. 4.Trimming nails; Lorna asked to see their finger nails and encourage them to always keep their nails short since under the finger nails there is always dirt and therefore needs to be cut short all the time. Other things talked about were keeping the hair short, washing their knickers well and ensuring they are dry before they can wear them. Also Lorna mentioned about keeping their latrines clean and avoiding pooping in the open whether at home or at school since this can aid in the transmitting of diseases. She also asked them not to smear fecal matter on the latrine walls. Conclusion Manuela urged the pupils to always respect their elders and help them do their work at home. If their dad was a brick layer they needed to help them, if they were a charcoal burner, they needed to help them because out of this is where their school fees comes from. Lorna also encouraged those that did not have pit latrines at home to encourage their parents to dig the latrines in order to avoid diseases. The assistant Headteacher and the senior woman teacher were very appreciative and welcomed the program. 
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