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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-03-02

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Mpumiro Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision,Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy,Dangers of early marriage 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went to Mpumiro Primary School to review the Pretest with the pupils to ensure they got an understanding of the topic they were about to study.The Pretest is to test the pupils understanding of the topic at hand in general and therefore the Pretest was on Decision making. Overview Lorna reached the school at exactly 11am and the pupils were still on their break time. It took sometime before the pupils settled well for class. When the pupils finally settled, Lorna with the help of the teachers distributed the books and pens. She asked them to write their names and that they will be collecting the books after each lesson to help them keep it and for them not to loose them or mishandle them by tearing them up for example. After the books and pens had been distributed, Lorna gave the pupils a pep talk on how the class will be running that they will be doing group work and that they will be doing class presentations as well. She also told them the motto of Life Skills is “together we can” and therefore it’s going to take everyone’s effort to work together in order for them to excel not only in the Life Skills class but also in the other subjects. After this they did the review of the Pretest which had questions on Early pregnancy,early marriages,abstinence, alcohol and drug abuse , steps in making good decisions among others. Lorna wrote the questions down on the black board as she interacted with the pupils to prompt them to thinking critically as she wanted all answers to come from them. She was able to teach in English however she also used lusoga for emphasis on certain explanations. The pupils participation was fair for the beginning which was encouraging with some pupils even asking Lorna questions where they did not understand. After the Review on the Pretest Lorna mentioned to the pupils that now they were going to look at Decision making in detail. She mentioned that what they just reviewed in the Pretest is what is going to be covered here in this topic and so much more. Other notes On the way out of the school,Lorna was able to interact with a pupil Who instead of being in class was busy rearing cows. When asked why he was not in school , he said that he has a lot of work to do and that he got tired of being late for school and being beaten at school. He told Lorna he is in Primary six and said his uncle whom he works for now told him that he will take him to Kampala next year to study. Lorna asked how many siblings he had and who he stays with . He says he stays with his mother as his dad passed and that he has 4 more siblings. Lorna told him to wake up earlier to do his work so he comes to school in time. She also asked for his mothers number, and also to distribute the housework so his not the only one doing all of the work. He also said his uncle was paying him 50,000/= to rear the cows . Lorna asked whether rearing cows was better than being in school and he said no. Lorna told him to tell his uncle that he wanted to be at school and told him that tomorrow he should report at school without fail and that she will call to followup. Conclusion It was a great lesson however because the school took a little more time to organize the life skills class they did not cover what was meant to be covered. Lorna encouraged the pupils together with the staff to keep time on their next lesson as they will lag behind if they continue like this. The Headteacher and the other teachers appreciated Lorna for the knowledge given to them together with the pupils. 
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2020-03-09 - Purpose: Continue teaching Decision making topic- Steps in making good decisions.
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