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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-03-04

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Self Esteem Building 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community will discover their potential and the only thing stopping them from achieving what they want among other things is lack of self esteem.
Introducing Lorna went to Bukhana to review the previous lesson self esteem.Self esteem is an important lesson to be taught to the community because the way they make decisions and choices will not only affect them but also directly affect their children. Lack of self esteem can also affect their communication as adults, as a community and with their children in cases where they have to communicate something serious. HIV/AIDS is also taught to remind the community that this disease is still at large and we still need to do our part to keep ourselves safe,children and those infected to take care of themselves. Overview Lorna went to this village to review the previous lesson self esteem and then teach HIV/AIDS as a new topic. However unfortunately when Lorna reached the ground the community members did not know that we were to meet. Lorna called the chairman but he did not pick, the Secretary also had no idea about the meeting today but knew only about the organization that was coming to install the pipes on the recently drilled borehole. Also he said that he had just returned from a funeral the previous day where most of the community members had spent the night. Lorna was not very happy with what the chairman did because she had called him prior to the visit and he did not mention any of these things. The women mentioned they were at a funeral and had just returned and so they knew nothing and they requested Lorna to come another day since they also had to attend to their new borehole. Lorna thanked the 6 women for coming and told them that she will inform them when she will return.she interacted a bit with those installing the borehole and thanked them for their hard work. Lorna then decided to go to Bukhana Primary School since she could not just come back. At the School she met with the Life Skills teachers to inform her of the progress on the program at the school concerning Life Skills. They said since the term begun they had met only twice . Lorna asked them why and they said they had not fully developed a plan on how to go about teaching this. Teacher Peninah said however that they started carrying out debates every Friday which Lorna said that this was very good because it builds the pupils self esteem and gives them opportunity to critically think, improve their reasoning capacity, their communication. Lorna added that they can use this platform to teach the pupils on Life Skills Education by bringing motions that have the life skills topics like; Education is better than marriage, Brideprice is a necessity discuss , Early pregnancy is a killer discuss, among other motions and then at the end of these debates sensitize the pupils on these issues and a lot more, they bought the idea and mentioned that they will discuss with the Headteacher too. Lorna also met with the Life Skills peer educators and reminded them of what they represent and what their role in Bukhana is. Lorna asked the teachers to make use of the peer educators to reach out to their fellow pupils. Teacher Steven planned to meet them later in the day st 3pm. Other notes While meeting with the Life Skills teacher, one of the deaf pupils came in crying along with his friends .He has been sick for 3 days and has not been eating well probing more Lorna was informed he even has HIV . Lorna was very bothered and asked whether the parents knew and she was informed that they do but are not around. Lorna asked as the school they are in charge of him and they said some money had been given to take the boy to hospital. Lorna requested teacher Steven to personally follow this up and ensure this boy is taken to the hospital and is eating because he cannot be taking his meds and not eating. Teacher Steven promised to followup and let Lorna know. Conclusion Lorna mentioned to the teachers that she will return to check on their progress since she is active in the village and also followup with the sick boy. The boy is under their responsibility and therefore they needed to do something about his condition or it could get bad as he also had a swelling on his back thigh which was causing him so much pain. 
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2020-03-18 - Purpose: Review previous lesson and teach HIV /AIDS
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11018 At the Kibo borehole
11024 Bukhana got an opportunity of getting a new borehole by a certain organization from Kampala. They came to install the pipes
11027 Lorna meeting with the Life Skills teachers at Bukhana Primary School.