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Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-02-21

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2018-02-21 06:30:13 UTC
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People are still moving a long distance to get clean water and many people in the community get water from the nearby swamp 
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hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex was in Budumba for the first meeting with the community members but he first visited four homes that were still working on improving their hygiene status. Mugabane Grace had so far dug up to about 13ft and he is intending to achieve 20ft. Abdul had dug about 20ft and he wants 30ft. Rogers has gone up to about 6ft and he is to dig 15ft but has done well to finish working on his house that was falling apart while Nkola Joseph and Waiswa Cedrac have so far dug up to about 14ft. Talenga Tofa finished building on the 15ft pit that he had dug. The chairman of the village while in the meeting together with the Vht called Edson thanked Kibo for the love that they have showed the community to raise the sanitation standards in the village. They testified that the community had a very low latrine coverage at 30% in 2004 and about 45% in 2015 when Kibo joined Budumba. Currently, the village is in the upper 90’s and only very few homes less than 5 need to finish up. They have greatly improved even in the other facilities and all the people testify the big change in their community. The water hygiene and sanitation program staff will carry out the third evaluation at some point to determine the final sanitation status of the village. Alex while in the meeting, told the people that turned up to all continue encouraging each other to have all the sanitation facilities and watch each other’s back to make sure all the homes are uniform with all the facilities meeting the required standards. Alex also broke the news that Kibo would provide a clean water source in Budumba and the people were very happy to hear the news the first time. He then told them to always attend the meetings whenever they are called to come since a lot has to be met before the borehole is drilled. Alex was very clear that the main reason of them working on improving their hygiene standards was not to receive a borehole from Kibo but it was just something very small that Kibo just thought of for Budumba and therefore the main thing is for everyone to maintain the hygiene and sanitation standards in their homes. A lot of steps have to be reached including, forming of a water committee, trainings and community contributions. The community members were asked to turn up in large numbers and all learn together and participate. He also asked them to keep the unity and respond positively. Alex will continue to follow up on the remaining individuals as he teaches the community the steps to take before the borehole can come in. Alex will go back and start teaching the community about the borehole contributions they have to make and what is needed from all the community members. 
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Report Photos

1529 Alex reminding the community to maintain the sanitation facilities in their homes
1532 Alex’s first community meeting in Budumba.
1535 A village leader in Budumba asking a question in the meeting
1541 Alex looking at newly 20ft completed pit latrine dug by Kidabada Dawson and his little brother called Musodho Charles. He told them to put a better door instead of using light kavera bag. He was also told to smear the pit latrine
1544 Nkolas’ pit is deep and will soon reach 20ft he is aiming at.