Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bulyowa A - Nabitula P/S, Kasuleta P/S - Namutumba

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2020-03-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Nabitula P/S, Kasuleta P/S 
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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
This lesson was aimed at educating the pupils to abstain from early sex.
Introduction Abstinence is the practice of staying away from sexual activities. Or it’s the process of stay away from sex till old age or marriages. This lesson is very vital for pupils at school more especially when they are still young, children are suppose to know that they are still young to have sex and through abstinence they will achieve a lot in feature. Overview When Manuela, Rachel and Medicine the students from Rochester university arrived at the school, pupils were very excited to see them, they came out of their classes to greeted them though some of them where scared to see different skin color. After that Manuela and the team went to the headmaster office, she introduced them to the headteacher then later that Manuela and the students went to Life Skills class, when they entered they were positively welcomed by the Life Skills pupils. After that , Manuela asked the pupils about the previous lesson, during this time, pupils where active and they managed to share their ideas about what they had in mind about the previous lesson. Manuela went on and asked the group members if they did their home work, group A and group B did but Group C did not Manuela told them that next she gives the homework and if they failed to do then on that day they will not attend her class. Manuela together with the pupils discussed the homework, she started with group A and their questions was what is abstinence and why do some young children say yes to sex? Pupils said that some time the young girls and boys say yes to sex because of pressure from their sexual partners for example threatening them that they are going to end the relationship, that every one is doing it, curiosity to sex, bad peer groups influences and among others may force young people to say to sex. After that group, it was time for group B, their questions was that they should search for reasons for saying No to sex, this group mentioned answers like , fear for pregnancy can make young children to say no to sex, fear for early marriages, family values, religious values, having a goal to finish in feature can also make young people to no to sex. Since Group c did not do their homework, Manuela and entire class decided to discuss the that question together with the rest of the pupils, their questions was that they should suggest ways of helping one to delay sex, the pupils shared their ideas like, that person should not listen to romantic wards, song and story, they should not move at night, they should not socialize with people whom they don’t trust , they should not go for parties alone in the night and among others. After all that, Manuela appreciated the pupils for being active in class, she gave them home work on causes and dangers of abortion and even told them that next time she will be teaching them about Menstrual hygiene and management. 
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2020-03-11 - Purpose: On that day, Manuela will review the previous lessons, discuss the home teach Dangers and causes of abortion.
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11069 During this time, Manuela was reviewing the previous lesson that pupils learnt .
11072 Manuela was explaining to the pupils about the importance of abstinence.
11075 Lesson for the day.
11078 Medicine was advising the pupils to in stay in school and always listen to their teachers.