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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-03-06

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles,Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community would have found ways of managing their anger. By the end of the lesson the community will know and understand the importance of eachone playing their roles for the sake of their families.
Introduction Lorna went to Nabituluntu to teach on Managing emotions. Here they will look at managing anger specifically. Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences but when it becomes to much and making one to act in ways which they will regret later then there is need to find ways of preventing those unwanted negative consequences. Overview When Lorna reached the village, there was no one at the meeting place however she noticed some people were in the garden. When the mobilizer saw Lorna, he came to her and when Lorna asked where the people were, he said he thought the chairman had called Lorna to inform her of what was going on. Lorna asked him what was the matter and he said the chairman told him not to mobilize the people because they were going to fumigate homes for mosquitoes and he told Ephraim the mobilizer not to mobilize and that he will call Lorna to inform her which he did not. Ephraim told Lorna that he did not mobilize or call Lorna because he though the chairman had. Lorna asked Ephraim whether it will be possible to meet and he said no but Lorna asked him to mobilize the community for 2pm and he said 2pm was fine. At 2:15 , some community members had gathered and Lorna begun with the previous lesson on Gender roles and management. Here Lorna emphasized on a family being on one team and not one being for example on Arsenal and the other Man-U. She emphasized on sharing responsibilities in the home whereby if everyone knew their responsibilities there would be no fights, quarrels or even divorce. She urged the women not to complain a lot but try to communicate their needs in a way that they will not be pushing their husbands away. She encouraged the men to be more involved in their children’s matters and also to set their priorities for example If there was no sugar at home but they went drinking , the children have been sent home for fees but he is drinking , there is no food among others. She also encouraged the women if they had money to buy these things to do so and not wait for the man since in the end even the children are suffering. She encouraged the women not to turn their children against their fathers but to always find a way to resolve things as a family. She mentioned to the men that it was not about money all the time but their presence, leadership, guidance is also needed at home. They then reminded themselves of these roles and responsibilities and urged both the men and women to learn how to support each other rather than fight and asked the men to love their families because if they do, then they will find it easy to provide for their families and not look at them as a burden and asked the women to be more supportive. On the lesson of Anger management, she started by telling them that they were going to learn about something that happens to us daily . It is an emotion that happens to everyone but the end result can have bad consequences. Lorna asked what emotion was this and one man mentioned Anger. Lorna asked the community to share their experiences where they let their anger thanked over them and the consequences were not very good and they regretted later. Lorna shared some of her experiences and also urged them to share theirs. At first they were hesitant but then 2 people shared their incidences and both of them realized that they would have done better. Lorna shared with them the story of a man who almost beat his daughter to death on assumption that she was sleeping around with a man. He beat up his daughter but luckily there were interventions made. If there were no interventions he would have lost his daughter and most importantly due to baseless information. He later apologized to his daughter and community but the damage was done. We have seen incidences where people have been hacked to death because of land wrangles, rumors, people fighting each other because of anger. How therefore can we manage this emotion before we do things that will cost us later .They came up with tactics like walking away from the person or situation, listening and not saying anything, try to find out more in reference to the story that was told, ignore the person, confront the situation after calming down. Others were praying, seeking advice from another friend, listening to music, go out to graze, dig or whatever will keep you from saying or doing something that one will regret . The concept is managing the emotion before one says or does something they will regret. Conclusion Because time had gone , she urged them to find more tactics they can use to manage this emotion called anger and they will discuss them on another visit. She thanked them for coming despite the miscommunication. 
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2020-04-29 - Purpose: Review previous lesson and then introduce communication skills as new topic.
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