Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buyange - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-02-23

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2018-02-23 11:25:06 UTC
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Current State

Participation Rating
Great testimonies from many community members about great sanitation improvement in their community. 
Village Critical Needs
The need for water 
Village Action Steps
The remaining people that have not met the required sanitation standards to do so and have all the required facilities. 
Staff Action Steps
To go back for another meeting with the community encouraging them to meet the sanitation standards and follow up on those specific homes that have not yet finished working on their facilities. He will also have a meeting to introduce the steps that the community have to follow 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
There are people who drink water from the swamp and others are walking a long distance to the borehole and mostly the people in the lower section of the village 
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Allow Ownership
Village Notes
Buyange is a big village and extends to the swamp where most of the people in the lower get water 

Water Community Meeting

Meeting Topic
hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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This was Alex’s first meeting in Buyange village with the community members. After visiting the homes and seeing the village sanitation status, Alex thought it was wise to have a general meeting with the community members and together encourage one another in order to have everyone in the village to have all the sanitation facilities in his/her home. About 20 homes in the village still have something to do in their homes, some still to finish digging up their pit latrines. Others are missing one, two or three facilities in a home. However majority of the homes in Buyange have greatly improved and surprisingly the people in the trading centers of Kamwenge and kidhali have a lot of new good pit latrines. While in the meeting, Alex asked people to testify about what Kibo has done in their village since last year and now over a year Kibo working in their community. Four people testified that many of the people have learnt the importance of having a clean home with all the facilities in a home. Jafari one of the beneficiaries, testified and said that Kibo staffs, Tom and Enock helped him to learn the benefits of a pit latrine in a home and a clean home in general. It’s because of Kibo that he now has a pit latrine in his home which he didn’t have for many years. Two women also thanked Kibo for helping them to have their husbands dig for them pit latrines in their homes and the life at home is now greatly improved with few cases of child sickness. The sanitation status in Buyange village is now estimated at about 90% and only a few homes are left to have everyone on board. Alex told the 64 people that turned up for the meeting to help one another and don’t think that it will only be the Kibo staff to change the village. There were some ideas that were raised to help those few individuals that have not yet finished constructing the facilities and one of them was to form groups to help each other and or pay money to someone to quickly do it. But most of the people bought the idea of helping each other since no one has money to pay. All the people in Buyange need to look the same in their homes with all the facilities so they have to show that they can help each other to meet this. Alex at last then broke the news that Kibo is considering to give clean water to Buyange village and the people were very excited. However he stressed it that only clean water to a clean Buyange village. He also told them it was only until everyone in the community meets the standards that Kibo can drill a borehole. He also told them clearly that they were not working in their homes to get water so they should know that it’s important to live in a clean environment. This borehole is just a small gift to them but the big gift is everyone living in a clean home with all the standard facilities everyday and that the people in Buyange are not sick anymore resulting from living in dirty homes. Kibo will jubilate if the kids in Buyange are able to go to school and not in hospitals all the time. In other wards this small gift should just encourage everyone to work hard and achieve a sanitation status required in their community and be able to maintain that. Alex scheduled another meeting on 2/03/2018 to talk more about the steps that have to be followed before the borehole can come and also visit the homes that are still working and see any change. 
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Report Photos

1589 Jafari one of the active community men in Buyange testifying about Kibo helping him also to have a good pit latrine in his home. He called on his fellow men that have not yet finished to work and improve on their sanitation standards and called on everyone to visit one another at home and someone can learn something new from a neighbor
1592 This was Alex’s first meeting in Buyange and 64 people turned up to listen
1595 This man also advocated that all the Buyange people should remain together and help one another to always live in a clean home so that they can have a clean village
1601 Mr Tigalana one of the sanitation committee members advising those that have not yet met the required sanitation standards to form one group and help one another to come up with the facilities needed in a hone
1604 Alex encouraging the community members to have all the sanitation facilities and asking those that have not yet got all the facilities to respond quickly as majority have done. He also broke news that Kibo will give a borehole in a clean Buyange village