Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-06-22

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2020-06-25 11:24:34 UTC
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Walyomu Alex 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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Alex was in Butabira to have a meeting with the village leaders and the sanitation committee members to come up with a plan to implement the follow ups on sanitation improvements in the village amidst coronavirus pandemic. This follows as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown that forced kibo group to shut all its activities in the village for at least 3 months. This visit was also to get to know the impact coronavirus has brought to this village since it set in and what did they do as village. This was the first day out in the field to Butabira to get the feeling in the village and whether it was safe for kibo to return working in this village. The village chairman, Buyinza Patrick together with the 3 members told Alex that the first two months especially during the lockdown were very slow because there was a lot of fear amongst all the people in the village who thought that everyone was going to die from coronavirus virus. It was very hard to convince any one to work in his/ her home to improve their sanitation facility standards. All the attention had to be shifted to COVID-19 and everyone thought was going to die from this disease. The level of hand washing stepped up and almost every home had an outdoor hand washing Jerrycan. However starting the beginning of this month, the construction of the new pit latrines started taking place in the village and many people have completed digging new pits waiting construction of the shelter and roofing. The sanitation committee Members told Alex that about 30 new pits were completed but need to be encouraged to construct on them. The village leaders together with sanitation committee reported that all the pick axes were busy being used by various people and one of the pick axes broke down a few weeks ago when someone was using it. The sanitation committee and the chairman were told to remain proactive and were happy and ready for kibo group to go back and start working in their village. Alex while in the meeting encouraged the leaders to be examples to the rest of the people in the village following all the government guidelines on COVID-19 like keeping social distance of at least two meters from one another, avoid hand shakes, use masks and wash hands. Alex then distributed them masks given to them by kibo and each received one mask. He even demonstrated how to use a mask in a proper way. Alex also encouraged them to wear the masks in public and whenever they go out to follow up home to home and all are encouraged to buy masks from their town in Namutumba since Alex saw masks being sold in this town. Only one committee member missed out and they washed their hands with soap before closing the meeting. 
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2020-06-29 - Purpose: Follow up on sanitation facility construction and standards
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11380 The sanitation committee members who turned up for a meeting with Kibo
11395 The sanitation committee have a habit to wash their hands whenever they meet and want to set an example to the rest of the people in the village