Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-06-24

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2020-06-25 12:26:59 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,ownership and sustainability,water chain 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Kisiro - kisiro Nawandyo 
Alex went to kisiro to have a meeting with the new water user committee and the village leaders to discuss about borehole management and encourage them finish construction of the borehole wall fence. He met with 7 people in Kisiro trading center and together they first shared how the village is going about prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. Their area member of parliament donated several hand washing tanks in the village to promote hand washing and also before anyone pumping the well is required to wash his/her hands. The village leaders and the sanitation continued to appreciate kibo for the help of this new borehole as it has helped many people who used to fight getting water from one borehole and during crucial time when water is highly needed, the pressure was reduced and everyone is in position to get enough water to use at home and put in the hand washing tanks around the village. This new borehole has got plenty of water and it can take only about 1 minute to fill a jerrycan and on average about 200 households (1000 people) get water from this borehole. Alex guided the water user committee on how best they have to complete the wall fence and plant more grass to protect the borehole slab. On a very good note, Alex realized that many of the people were collecting water from clean Jerrycans. He encouraged the water user committee to be more active together with the village leaders to maintain a safe water chain, getting water from a clean well, using a clean jerrycan and taking to a clean home. He briefed these leaders again about borehole management, proper pumping, closing the well at an agreed hour and making sure they call the hand pump mechanic to check the well at least once in a month. The hand pump mechanic encouraged them also to not wait when the borehole breakdown before calling the hand pump mechanic as regular check ups can prevent big damages that may arise in future. Alex then told them that the village people would be required to attend a general meeting to come up with bylaws in future when gatherings are allowed again by the government as its an important step in borehole management. Alex witnessed some homes that had maintained good sanitation standards and it was b3cause the people have embraced the idea of forming groups to work together by contributing money together and encourage each other to maintain good sanitation standards. Every member is required to have all the sanitation facilities in a home before allowed to join the Sacco. This has helped many people to maintain the good sanitation standards in Kisiro village 
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2020-08-19 - Purpose: Guide the village to enact bylaws and borehole commissioning
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Report Photos

11386 The village continued to thank Kibo group for this borehole as it has reduced pressure in the village now that this large has two boreholes to serve about 2000 people.
11389 One of the homes in Kisiro that just recently constructed a new dish rack
11392 A hand washing stand, pit latrine and rubbish pit in Kalamba Swaibu’s home, Kisiro village
11398 Children getting water from the new kibo borehole in Kisiro. Because of the big population in this village, this water source serves about 200 households