Mvule Community Development - Bukhudumira - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-06-29

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B and Chris visited Bukudumira to follow up with how the leaders grouped their members . This is after the leaders resolved to group the members into the maximum number of people required for a meeting. It was agreed that they create 10 groups comprising of ten members to make it easy for them meet. The chairperson and his six member committee were already at the venue of the meeting when Alex B and Chris reached, as it has always been the norm since we resumed work, washing of hands and sanitizing was a must to all of the members. Since the chairperson was not feeling well, she delegated her secretary to update the meeting on the status quo of the community. The chairperson informs the meeting that the members were cooperating with her when she proposed to group them and so she was able to get 10 groups comprising of 10 members each. The secretary said the members were optimistic of the developmental programs kibo does in their community and so they were willing to do everything possible to move on with kibo. The chairperson also reported that members had discussions about what they hope to do with their produce from their garden, they said although it did not yield much as expected but they hope to diversify and do something else . Among the plans they have, the secretary said they plan to start up a piggery or poultry and so they requested Alex B and Chris to help and advice them accordingly. The secretary informed the meeting that the members were so much encouraged when the mvule program resumed and so regrouping them made it easy for them to give their opinions and ideas about how there group develop. Alex B encouraged the the members to use the platform kibo has created for them to develop their community by embracing everyone’s idea because every one is a stakeholder in the development of their area. Alex be also emphasized on visiting each member’s home to check on the trees and advice accordingly, this was because the members through their secretary invited Alex B and Chris to visit and check on their trees in their homes. Chris emphasized on working together as a core prerequisite of development, Chris gave an example of buwologoma village which has worked together that they now have 3 milling machines,he said this all came because members put their differences aside and focused on developing their community. Chris also encouraged the leaders to engage their members in meetings, Chris said local problems deserved local solutions and this is only possible only if the leaders call members in the meetings to discuss about how to solve problems facing their community. In conclusion Alex b and Chris encouraged members to be committed to developing their community, the leaders were advised go and discuss the minutes of the meeting with members until the next meeting. Alex b and Chris promised to talk to The CDO and see if he can meet the community and also meet with the different groups on Monday next week. 
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2020-07-06 - Purpose: To meet the different groups and encourage them to work together.
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