Mvule Community Development - Nawaibete - Namutumba

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-07-03

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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-07-03 07:48:11 UTC
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Abraham Mulongo
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2020-07-07 08:24:08 UTC
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10:02-17:25 (7 h 23 m)
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12:55-15:00 (2 h 5 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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caring for trees 
Abraham with three Nawaibete group leaders together with the LC1 chairperson moved around to the members homes checking how they have kept the trees and most of the trees were looking good because even the season has not been bad. They moved to twelve homes in lower section and two members who lost one tree each, they checked the bore hole which is still working with a fence around it. They said they formed five groups ten members each group and now those members will be meeting to discuss issues concerning the program so that they will bring their views to the leaders whereby the leaders will also discuss and send back to them through their leaders to conclude what will be done as a group. They said that some members were suggesting that they continue with their usual meetings since there is no one who is sick in the community. Abraham thanked the leaders for the effort they are putting in not only for Mvule community development but to all of Kibo programs for example keeping their bore hole clean and the fence around it. He said that it is good to put measures concerning Coronavirus in place because even if the community members have not seen anyone who is sick but we need to protect ourselves. He told them that it will be difficult to learn in a hard way because if one is sick and he is in a group that means the all group will be sick and treating the whole group will be hard so prevention is better than cure. The members from upper side they wanted Abraham to go and visit their homes but it was becoming late and he told them that he will come back and visit them. This village had a big problem when they were electing government locals council one which resulted even the police to intervene. The elected LC1 comes from the lower side and the upper they think he does not like them because they did not support him. 
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2020-07-10 - Purpose: To check Mvule trees in homes of the upper section members
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11665 One of the group member showing one of his trees he planted, he planted five trees and they are all alive.