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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-07-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community members know what good decision making is. By the end of the lesson , the community should know how to list some steps in making decisions.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to introduce a new Topic Decision making. This was Lorna’s first lesson since the Lockdown of the pandemic. Overview Previously Lorna had a meeting with the leaders of the community on how they were to move forward with this program while following government directives. They came up with a plan and today was Lorna’s first lesson following the meeting. When Lorna arrived most of the men were just c9ming back from their gardens and it was no wonder that Lorna met with only the men since they said that the women apologised for not attending but this was because they were finishing up with harvesting their groundnuts(peanuts). After an opening prayer was said, the meeting begun. Lorna started by asking anyone to remind them what was their last lesson before covid-19. Two people attempted and one got it right although the other also tried. Since they were only men, Lorna took this privilege of reminding them their roles in their families as men. After this Lorna introduced Decision making and all its subtopics/ lessons. She however said they were going to look at steps in making decisions. Lorna started by asking them if there was a good decision maker and a bad one. They said yes and it is here where the lesson begun where she asked them who is a bad one and who is a good one. They said a bad decision maker is that one who does not think before they decide while the other thinks through everything before they decide. Lorna made a joke and told them the lesson is over since they know what is going to be taught already.. A good decision maker is indeed one who thinks though his steps before he makes that decision. Lorna read them 2 scenarios in this scenarios were 2 women who in one the lady was bed ridden because of complications for her 6 th pregnancy but even in this condition the husband decided to bring a 2nd wife ( the question was what could the husband have done). In the second the couple has 7 children but the man still wants another child. The question what should they consider before the final decision. The discussions were very interesting and this brought us to the steps in making decisions as some of the responses fell under the steps. Some of the steps mentioned were; seek Advice, listen to the Advice, consider other people involved, consider different other alternatives, pray, consider personal values, cultural values, consider religious values, consider consequences of your decision among others. Lorna added that the steps or the process towards making this decision is the most important than the end result. Lorna also briefly introduced the topic on Role models. She asked them who a role model is and then asked them if the had a role model in their lives. Everyone got a chance to share on who their role model was and what they admired most about them. Most of the reasons they chose these role models were because they were hardworking, honest, loved serving others, prayerful among others. Lorna encouraged those that did not have to be one even in their homes to their children. She gave example of these days when someone asked her what do you want to be when you grow up and she would say mummy why? It’s because she took care of me so well that I wanted to take care of others. She added that their children , people around them are always looking up to them therefore we all should strive to be the best example to them so that they want to be like us in many ways. Conclusion Lorna appreciated the men for participating and encouraged them to tell their wives what they learnt from this lesson today. They will start from here on the next lesson before moving onto Alcohol and drug Abuse. 
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2020-07-17 - Purpose: Meet group B about Steps in making Decisions and being a Role model
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