Mvule Community Development - Nawaibete - Namutumba

Visit by Abraham Mulongo on 2020-07-10

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2020-07-11 11:44:50 UTC
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2020-07-14 06:39:23 UTC
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09:45-16:55 (7 h 10 m)
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12:30-14:35 (2 h 5 m)
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Abraham Mulongo 
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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Abraham and Chris met five Nawaibete upper community members and the purpose was to meet with the upper leaders. This village had a big problem during government elections of LC1 chairperson, it was bad that the police was involved and arrested some members and they have just come back from prison. They is that gap that the chairman who lost is from the upper and the current or new is from the lower side where we usually meet. The chairman LC1 Mr Balaki told the members that they have this problem and they need to come together so that they can make their village a better place to live in not to creat more problems but peace, joy and unity. Abraham and Chris encouraged them to continue looking for peace,unity in their village if they want their village to develop. He told them that everything is in their hand to make it a better place or a bad to live in. He asked them that where did they want to live in a bad village where people hate each other or where everyone love each other and they said that want a good village where there is peace. Abraham told them that from today to strive looking for ways the can make Nawaibete a better place so that their children will be in peace not in problems that makes them to also to hate each other. They agreed to start coordination even if they can not meet as a whole village because of Coronavirus but they will be sharing information and discuss in small groups. 
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2020-07-24 - Purpose: To discuss how they are going to register at the district after meeting the CDO of Nsinze sub county
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