Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Butabira

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2020-07-15

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2020-07-16 09:34:48 UTC
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Follow up on facility construction and maintenance 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex and Chris were in Butabira village to follow up on sanitation improvements in the village. The sanitation committee members joined them later as they were busy participating in the government program of supplying mosquito nets to all the village residents. This campaign begun last week on Saturday and was concluded yesterday in Namutumba district. Together they moved home to home in the lower section of the village checking on all facilities in a home, guiding on standards as well as maintaining those that are need to. This lower section of the village is quite a challenge as many of the men spend most of the day in the river( Mpologoma) fishing. However there were some people that have worked and moved a step a head from the previous visits. Three new pits were seen under construction, two new pit latrines were completed and were already under use, four new pit latrines were missing the roof and were encouraged to roof them quickly before the rain season sets in. Alex, Chris and the sanitation committee members continued to encourage the people to work hard and improve their standards in the homes that were reached. Many of the men were not got in their homes but the women were encouraged to play a big role to talk to their husbands and work together on the remaining areas that are still missing. There was a challenge in one of the homes visited when two women who are co wives were not cooperating to clean their home and the new pit latrine that was recently dug by their husband. The pit latrine was found very dirty and their compound too. Alex together with the sanitation committee and the village chairman sat the two women and talked to them to work together to maintain their home since both of them have kids and who knows whose kid gets sick due to poor hygiene and sanitation standards. They were encouraged to work together for the good of their home and children. Their husband also was told to start a second pit latrine in the home to manage this whole Chaos of co wives quarreling as he did to the kitchen that he managed to build two kitchens to separate them while cooking. Five homes were seen still practicing open defecation and the five men, Elliot, Jovan, Enock, Gandi and James all promised to change the look of their homes with in a week and complete digging new pits. The construction of the new hand washing stands is being embraced by many people as well as some people still constructing tippy taps near their pit latrines and at the front of their houses. The sanitation committee planned to continue with home visits the following day Thursday 16/07/2020 to continue encouraging the whole village meet the standards and speed up the sanitation program. Alex will plan to go back next week to continue follow up on sanitation improvements in the village. 
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2020-07-22 - Purpose: Continue with follow up on new facilities under construction and guide on standards
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Report Photos

11890 Simon has been very busy working on his new pit latrine for his family and he is very happy getting close to finish it and be ready for the family to use.
11893 A demonstration of the hand washing stand that was constructed near the borehole for all the people to see and do the same in their homes.
11896 Many of this kind are under construction in many homes
11899 Alex encouraged this family to maintain their pit latrine facility to meet the required standards
11902 Some families still use these tippy taps and WASH continues to encourage them to use them as well as they maintain them.
11905 Alex talking to a man to work hard in his home to have all the required facilities
11908 Alex together with the sanitation committee talked to women who are co wives to work together in their home, like sweeping their compound as well as cleaning their new pit latrine that was recently dug by their husband