Health Education - Nabikenge - Namutumba

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-07-22

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Irene Nakibirango
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2020-07-28 08:34:22 UTC
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Irene Nakibirango
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2020-07-28 08:51:06 UTC
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09:52-17:26 (7 h 34 m)
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12:13-14:45 (2 h 32 m)
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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Health lesson 1: Hygiene and Sanitation 
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Irene went to Nabikenge to go through the health education lessons together with the health ambassador. Irene first asked her opinion she had any questions as regarding the lesson plan and then after exchanging some ideas Irene requested that she goes through the lesson and then ask more questions. Irene told the ambassador that this is a free service that the ambassador has to carry on after Irene has left in their group as a village willingly. After going through the lesson Irene requested that the ambassador goes through all the other lessons,outline one she doesn’t understand and then call Irene for more clarification. Irene then told the ambassador that if there is any lesson she feels left out but very important to the community she can always note it down and they add it maybe to the lesson plan. 
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Health Education 
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2020-07-31 - Purpose: Discuss more lessons with the Kibo ambassador
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12130 A member of Nabikenge village who has constructed the dish rack on his own after being taught by Kibo wash team.