Mvule Community Development - Nawaibete - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-07-29

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2020-07-29 13:53:56 UTC
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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex b and Chris visited Nawaibete village and met a selected number of members of the community to get their views on how they hope to work as a group and also realize the available resources they can utilize to uplift themselves ,this was not visitation as usual were Alex and Chris get to meet the chairman of the village and a few selected members on the committee and have conversation regarding the community, this time Alex b and Chris requested the chairman to move with them home to home to mobilize a few selected members for meeting, Alex b and Chris also took the opportunity to see how the community members were taking care of the trees the members received and were so impressed by what they found on the ground ,The trees especially the giant lira were growing so big. During the meeting the members agreed to work together and they welcomed Kibo’s idea of getting their group registered at the sub county because they believe they can achieve a lot when they work together unlike when they have been working individually. Alex B emphasized the benefits of getting the group registered and said this will help them work hand in hand with government since they will have the certificate of registration which acknowledges what they do . Alex b also encouraged the members to work together and have a spirit of togetherness ,he said this will build trust among them however, Alex said this will not be possible if the community does not come together, Alex encouraged the members to put their community first before self. Chris encouraged the community members to have a vision for their community and then work together toward achieving, he said the community had a great opportunity to develop because they have every resource they need to uplift themselves which include clay soil for brick laying, the wet land for rice growing and fertile soil for growing crops. The chairman promised to continue engaging his members to work together and have their group registered however he pleaded to the members to choose new leaders who will be spearheading the group registration because he said he can not double as the chairman of the village and the chairperson of the group at the same time because there would be conflict of interests. Alex b and Chris concluded with the meeting by encouraging the members to start warming up to chose new committee leaders to spearhead the group activities including registering the district. Alex b and Chris will be visiting again on Wednesday next week to guide the members in choosing their committee leaders. 
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2020-07-05 - Purpose: To guide the community members as they choose their new leaders
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12355 Alex B discussing with a selected number of members how best they can transform their community economically.
12358 Mr Isabirye was so excited that his tree is growing so tall.