Mvule Community Development - Nawaibete - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-08-05

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex b and Chris visited Nawaibete village to guide the members choose their new leaders. During the last meeting, the members raised a concern about their leaders ,they said the leaders were lagging them behind since they have a lot of work to do thus giving them little time therefore the members passed a resolution to elect new leaders with fresh ideas, they believe this will help the community flourish since strong leadership is key foundation for development. Since Alex b and Chris arrived much earlier than usual, they took a chance to move around the village necessarily to check on the projects each home is having as well as mobilize the members for the meeting. Many members had wished to join the meeting but because Alex b and Chris wanted a maximum of 12 members, they were able to meet 6 men and 8 women who represented the rest of the village. The chairman mr Balaki welcomed the members and asked them to forward names of candidates on different positions which included chairperson,vice chairperson,secretary,treasurer and two mobilizers. Alex b advised members to nominate able and knowledgeable leaders who will help implement their ideas, Alex also encouraged women in the meeting not to fear being in leadership because women today are very good leaders. Chris also took this chance to explain the qualities and roles of the good leaders members should look for in a person before nominating them. The election was by show of hands however if one candidate was not comfortable with the position he/she was free to turn it down and the members would find a replacement there and then. The exercise was presided over by the chairman who’s also acted as the returning officer and it was so peaceful since everyone agreed with the elected leaders and also the members pledged to work with the leaders to develop their village. The community members elected their members who included two women and three men as follows. Mr Bageya Samuel-chairperson Mrs Nakisitu Zam-Secretary Mrs scovia Babinona- treasure Mr matiya- mobilizer Mr Christopher-mobilizer. Alex b and Chris will go back to Nawaibete to meet the new leaders with a purpose of empowering them and reviewing the constitution to get it ready for registration. 
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2020-08-12 - Purpose: Meeting the new elected leaders to discuss about their constitution and what else is needed to hand over their constitution for registration.
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12478 From right to left is mr bageya(chairperson), mr Balaki the chairman of the village,Mrs bakinono scovia the treasurer and Mrs Zamu nakisita The Secretary of the group, they were chosen by the members as their new leaders.