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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-08-10

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B met the community about how they will manage the chicken project. Those that attended the meeting represented the members from the minor group of the main group. Margaret Waiswa reported that during the meeting they had without Alex B, members came up with some projects. They are chicken,bricks,farming projects. The fast priority is of chicken and members suggested some to rare in small group and others to have one main point. Hadija a member,for her one time had thirty local chicken only that she could not provide enough security and some were stolen. She is one of the members of the main leadership. That means she lacked to manage security. Swaibu said that already they have three points where they can keep the chicken only lack few things. He has a room to be used by the group to rare there chicken. He added that they want to the local ones because they are easy to manage and less demanding. Alex B thanked them for there contribution concerning what they want to do as a group.He advised them to think of the humane resource, money as they believe that it the capital and skill. He told them come up with the plan how big the project they want to do. He asked to list down all the requirements because it will lead them to understand number of chickens to begin with for the fast time. The most important issue to bear mind is that how to keep them healthy and safe. There availability for the project should be number one and financial support is also a key factor for them if they are to succeed. The other two projects should also be considered by members since community depends on farming.Food grown locally by members is there source of income for their families. The next meeting we shall discuss with them how farming can support chicken project and other better. 
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2020-08-24 - Purpose: To discuss with community how farming can support the chicken project.
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12505 Those were some of the leaders from small group that make up the main group. They discussed about some projects they want to do and more about chicken keeping.